cyan Threat Intelligence

The power and the core of our solutions

Threat Intelligence

Strong core for high-level security

We enhance human intelligence with machine learning to deliver state-of-the-art cyber-threat detection in near real-time to our customers.

Our proprietary and constantly improving technology enables our customers to stay ahead of cybercriminals and their next move, whilst granting the end-users complete privacy.


Our technology crawls & monitors the world wide web 24/7 to stay ahead of malicious actors.


Our virtual data centers around the world ensure up-to-date info from all corners of the globe.

Hybrid force

Combining technological advancements and human intelligence.

Future Prediction

Yes! We offer protection from current threats as well as predicted future threats.

Big Data

We analyze and process more than 1000 Bn anonymized DNS requests each month.

cyan digital security

Navigating complexity with a streamlined technical setup.

You want to learn more about our core technology, about how we tell the future or how we ensure the digital safety of over 1,5 Million end-users?


You want to join forces and make a safer tomorrow?

Our strategy for providing high-end threat detection heavily resolves around leveraging AI in a multifaceted approach

Markus Cserna, CTO

Research Projects

Developing the elements of a safer future for everyone

Wanting more is our thing!
So we keep our R&D busy, with projects that will ensure high-tech adaptions and improvements of our solutions now as well as in the future. By far the best perk of our own research department is that all research findings, where possible, are used to improve our solution in real time. Learn more about some of our current ongoing research projects: