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Bienvenidos a ORANGE Spain!

We welcome Orange Spain as new live customer.

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Orange Spain is implementing cyan’s digital security solutions to offer online safety for its over 17,1 million mobile subscribers

Future-forward Readiness

Opening up a world full of opportunities

In today’s globally connected world the boundaries between our online and offline self continue to blur. As we engage on social media, do our online shopping or enable smart devices in our homes, we are continuously taking part in new and exciting technologies, all interconnected within one extensive digital terrain.

What we may not realize is that the terrain we’re navigating can sometimes be dangerous. With malicious malware and cyber threats lurking around the corner, we can expose ourselves, our companies and our data to potential risks.

cyan’s  24/7 protection provides the peace of mind of having a robust cybersecurity solution wherever one may roam. With easy integration and seamless functionality of customized security solutions across all platforms and devices, cyan solutions enable a new dimension of trust. Journey the online world safely with cyan by your side.

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No one can attack your digital life when you’re protected by cyan

Network-Based Security

OnNet security

The first layer of protection that keeps you safe on your digital adventures.

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Multi-Dimensional Solutions

OnDevice security

Level up your digital armor with an endpoint protection solution as a second layer of security.

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Foundational Security


A whole network safeguarded by a foundation security layer.

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Threat Intelligence

Journey confidently with tried-and-true solutions

Enjoy the freedom to browse and explore the web safely in the knowledge that your online experience is fully protected at all times. From online shopping and travel planning, to immersing yourself in multiplayer games and exploring new connections, cyan’s highly advanced threat detection algorithms are actively protecting you.

1000 Bln.

numbers of domains
scanned per month


intelligent categorization methods automatically detect each new threat

300+ Mil.

instances of malicious activity detected and logged into our database

4 Mil.

new threat entries added monthly in our database

At cyan, we see it as our social responsibility to protect the digital lives of our customers – always and everywhere! To this end, we’re continuously developing and optimizing our most advanced cybertech.

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