Endpoint-based Protection

Integrateable in every end customer app

Endpoint-based Security

Safely embarking on the digital journey

Our endpoint-based solutions offer a comprehensive protection against cyber threats for businesses and end users alike. In our B2B2C approach we enable service provider to enhance there brand with an value added service while upgrading the security measures for their customers with device security solutions that are tailored to enhance resilience in today’s interconnected digital landscape.

We design and provide seamless solutions that are protecting everyone in today’s globally connected world.  

Ready to Roll-out now for

Telco Provider

Banking & Insurance Provider

Online service Provider

(e.g. e-commerce, online gaming)


Holistic protection regardless of where you connect

Most people are online on a daily base, while the awareness for the importance of cybersecurity remains relatively small. Which puts malicious actors at an advantage. You can now make the difference for your customers. Enhance your brand and be the trustworthy service provider your user need on their digital journey.

Safe Surfing Experience

Additional revenue

Brand and Trust boost

Mitigation of damage to your company


Regulatory compliance

Endpoint-based Products

Benefit form a variety of different device protection solution

On our device based solutions are powered by cyan's proprietary threat intelligence, provide ON and OFF net protection and can be implemented as SDK or standalone app.

OnDevice Protection

Available as
SDK or standalone app

Providing 360° security solutions – the “digital seatbelt” for everyone and everywhere is a convenient all in one package for our partners.

Martin Csernak, Senior Account Manager ISP/MNO

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