Child Protection

Safe internet experience for the future generations

Kid-Friendly, Parent Approved

Imagine an online world full of opportunities

Once upon a time, parents had to worry about their child’s safety online. But now, with Child Protection from cyan, screen-time limits, access to age-appropriate content and protection from cyber-threats are all taken care of.

Kids at risk

Did you know?

Increased online activity supports children’s learning, socialization and play, but also puts them at heightened risk.

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of 12/13-year-olds have now Internet access*

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children go online for the
first time every day globally **

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of children globally have experienced at least one type of cyber threat in 2022 ***

Innosence in Danger
Kids digital media report 2019, PWC

Product Insights

Child Protection

We help you to enable parents to keep their children safe online. Our Child Protection can be integrated as SDK or offered as Standalone app to your customers with minimal integration efforts. From inappropriate content (e.g. by blocking violence, pornography, etc.) to digital threats like phishing or malware, your customers and their children can benefit form a whole new secure digital world.. While the kids are securely exploring the digital world the parents can encourage healthy online behavior and habits and enjoy the peace of mind you are providing.

Online Safety

 Advanced Internet
Security tailored to children’s needs

Healthy Online Behavior

Phone and usage supervision as well as timetable settings for healthy online behavior

Appropriate Content

Inappropriate and unwanted content filtering including black and whitelisting

Product Overview

Parent Admin Features

  • Parent Web Dashboard
  • Notification Center
  •  Manage Kids Profiles
  • Blocking History
  • Timetable Management
  • Internet Access Control
  • Unblock Kid requests for Apps and Websites

Child App Features

  • Safe Connection
  • Secure surfing experience 
  • Wifi Protection
  • Kids Dashboard
  • Request function
  • Black/whitelisted content access

…and much more.

Exemplary Product Case

Child Protection roll-out as part of T-Mobile Polands cybersecurity efforts

Protecting children from internet threats and age inappropriate content with “Dzieci w Sieci”. The product is currently available for the post-paid customer base as VAS.

Launch: 2022

Exploring and making the best out of all opportunities is the essence of how the next generations will grow up to make a difference. We ensure they make use of all their given means in the digital realm in a secured and protected way.

Alexander Zlatnik, Head of Production and Development

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