OnNet Core

Powerful service securing everyone’s device via the network 

Network-security core

A whole network safeguarded by a powerful security foundation

The cyan “OnNet Core” solution is a very easy but powerful solution to protect the operator’s network against unwanted traffic and content like mobile threats (e.g. phishing, malware, etc.) and bad trackers. It protects everyone’s device on the mobile network without further software installation.

The Need

As a telco provider you want to


your entire customer base from increasing and ever changing cyber threats on a network level.


additional revenue with a seamlessly integrated and hightly effective security solution.


with national
cybersecurity regulations.

Look no further, we have the right solution for you!

Our cybersecurity solutions are based on a proprietary core technology and will provide you with the necessary means to become your customers cybersecurity specialist. With the network integrated solutions you provide a safer surfing experience for your whole network in as little as 6 weeks.

Product Insights

OnNet Core

The cyan security platform is integrated in the partners network to filter content via the cyan Filter Solution. The carrier forwards certain traffic of protected customers to the cyan Filter to inspect the requests. The scope of the DNS filter is to handle and answer DNS requests for a configured customer group or the whole customer base (dependent on approach) with one pre-defined profile for all users. This incorporates filtering traffic based on domain names.


  • Network based threat blocking (malware, phishing, etc.) and unwanted content
  • Network-based blocklisting to comply with regulatory requirements
  • White-labeled approach
  • One protection profile for all users
  • Branded blocking page
  • Platform statistics
  • No installation required for users
  • Domain exception management (via customer care WebUI).

…and much more.


Our technology crawls & monitors the world wide web 24/7 to stay ahead of maliscious actors.


Roll out to your whole customer base in as little as 6 weeks with mininal integration efforts.


Protection for all endusers within your network without additional download.


Generate additional ARPU with a mass market ready network security product.

Exemplary Product Case

Launch of cyan's hero product OnNet Core in Greece


With our partner OTE Greece we have implemented tariff integrated network base protection for qualified, postpaid business customers.

Technical Integration time: 6 weeks
Launch: 2022

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