OnNet Plus

Upgrading your network experience

Network-security core

Upgrading network security with a seemlessly integrated solution

Integrated in the partners network “OnNet Plus” provides protection for the entire customer base with advanced features and customization to your convenience and your end-user’s digital security.

High Riks of Cyber-Threats

Did you know?

Cyber-Threats are a growing global challenge that require immediate actions.

0 Million $

was the damage caused by an average data breach in 2023

0 Million $

devices are locked by ransomware every day

0 Trillion $

is the estimated average global cost of by 2025


Product Insights

OnNet Plus

This product provides a solid and powerful protection against internet threats, like phishing, malware, virus downloads, trojan horses and illegal downloads. It protects everyone’s device on the mobile or fixed carrier network without the need for additional software installation. The product is aimed at every end-user with an internet-ready device and can be easily sold through all sales channels. It is a mass-market security product suitable for all customers.


  • Network based threat blocking (malware, phishing, etc.) and unwanted content
  • Blocklisting (network-based) to comply with regulatory requirements
  • white-labeled approach
  • Branded Blocking page
  • Advanced Statistics
  • No installation required for users
  • Domain exception management (via Customer Care WebUI)
  • Adjustable to your needs with additional customization

…and much more.


Our technology crawls & monitors the world wide web 24/7 to stay ahead of maliscious actors.


Roll out to your whole customer base in as little as 6 weeks with mininal integration efforts.


Protection for all endusers within your network without additional download.


Generate additional ARPU with a mass market ready network security product.

Exemplary Product Case

Implementation of OnNet Plus via PoS and online channels.


Magenta Austria has implemented the OnNet Plus as well as OnDevice Security and Child Protection offering the security solution to the Austrian market

Customer Base Penetration: 30%
Launch: 2013

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