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Endpoint based security

Securing the digital world in the palm of your hand

In this world of endless opportunities and technological advancements, cyan’s OnDevice Protection offers tools to make your digital experience safe. Seamlessly integrated and powered by our proprietary core technology, it targets phishing, malware, fraud and other threats before they interrupt your life.

ever-increasing cyber threats

Did you know?

Constantly increasing global online activity and adaption of new technologies puts
users at risk. Regardless if businesses or individuals the potential threat of being targeted by a malicious actor is more pressing than ever.

0 Billion
phishing mails are sent
daily on average
0 Million
devices are locked by
ransomwre every day



Product Insights


The app is built for intuitive usage and acts as interface to all user-orientated security services serving enterprises and individuals alike. Our security products enable an easy security service for better connection with your customers, with a fast time to market and additional value to your business.

Online Safety

 Online Safety and advanced Internet Security available ON and OFF carrier network in our B2B2C model. 

Healthy Online Behavior

Advanced UI/UX strong security solution available as SDK/ standalone app with intuitive user interface

Appropriate Content

360° full protection B2B and B2C application with, simple download. All powered by proprietary threat intelligence.


  • Internet and Wifi Security
  • Safe Connection (Filtering Engine)
  • Phishing, Malware, Fraud Detection
  • Antivirus Device Protection
  • Website Check
  • Identity Check
  • Intuitive Notifications
  • Blocking History
  • Advanced Statistics
  • Domain Block- & Allowlisting
  • Individual Blocking Page
  • Available for B2B and B2C
  • SDK or Standalone App

…and much more.

Exemplary Product Case

Endpoint-based cybersecurity solution launched at dtac protecting subscribers in Thailand

cyan’s OnDevice Security is integrated directly into dtac’s existing endpoint application (via an SDK integration) and made available as a value-added subscription. The fully cloud-based deployment leverages Amazon Web Services (AWS) for high scalability and consistent operations.

Launch: 2022

Very literally speaking, all of us hold the key to the digital world in the palm of our hands. At cyan it is our job to protect this key – this device, to the highest standard.

Ula Divac, Key Account Manager ISP/MNO

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