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Network-based security

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Our network integrated security solutions empower Telcos, MNOs and ISPs to fortify their networks against evolving cyber threats. We help them to go beyond simple connection, with seamlessly integrated comprehensive cybersecurity solutions tailored to their dynamic challenges.

High risk of cyber-threats

Did you know?

Cyber-Threats are a growing global challenge that require immediate actions.

0 Million $

was the damage caused by an average data breach in 2023

0 Million $

devices are locked by ransomware every day

0 Trillion $

is the estimated average global cost by 2025


of phishing DNS requests are blocked on our systems in an average week.


Benefit from a unique network protection

Enjoying the freedom of browsing is a gift. With network-integrated security solutions you can offer this gift to your whole customer base in no time. In as little as 6-weeks we can roll-out a security product for your customers and increase their online experience while strengthening your market position at the same time.

Additional revenue

Fast roll-out

Mass market ready

Safe surfing experience


Regulatory compliance

Network-integrated Products

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We believe in a world where technology securely improves every aspect of our lives.

Alexander Zlatnik, Head of Product and Development

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