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  • Providing Cloud-Native infrastructure support

  • Enabling competitive advantages for MVNOs and Brands

  • Proven track of successful collaborations

We have started an extensive development program to boost our platform-based BSS/OSS solutions.

I-New, part of our cyan group, is a leading provider of solutions and services for MVNOs and telco Brands. We are continuously expanding our support for digital services and features. Our mission is to enable mobile service providers to establish themselves in a highly competitive industry.


To adapt to the changing market environment, we started an extensive development program to boost our platform-based BSS/OSS solutions. One of the major activities is dealing with cloud-native infrastructure support.



All you need in one solution

With our platform-based BSS/OSS solution, we offer our customers the possibility to leave outdated technology behind by leveraging our cloud-based end-to-end digital services. Our MVNO customers receive all the services and features they need from one single solution, which is designed for scaling from a small subscriber base to millions of subscribers.


Our wide range of built-in services, from credit top-ups to sharing data quota with other subscribers, gives our MVNOs an advantage in their sales strategy towards their target market segment as well as maximizing customer experience. Furthermore, our BSS/OSS solution stands out by offering cyan’s revenue-generating security solutions, already integrated into our BSS/OSS platform. Substantial cost savings on wholesale costs for MVNOs are available through our Clean Pipe function as well as via dynamic wholesale optimization by analysing subscriber´s data consumption in real time.


At I-New, we have long time experience of building independent MVNO systems with effortless integration. We use a cloud-based service hub approach, providing full managed services to our MVNO customers allowing them to concentrate on their sales and marketing activities. We provide flexible commercial models, and our customers can choose between flexible revenue share model or service-based licensing fees for active subscribers.



Successful collaborations

With our solution we provide MVNOs with everything they need to be successful and profitable in their market and help them to focus on their business by diminishing human interaction and operational effort.


We are serving millions of subscribers all over the world and have a proven track record of successful BSS/OSS and MVNE/MVNO deployments with leading brands. Our state-of-the-art technology and seamless delivery experience continues to attract top service providers and made us the number 1 mobile virtual network enabler (MVNE) in Latin America.