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We are protecting people on their digital journey from the ever increasing cyber risk



Identity theft

… and many other potential risks are prevented and blocked by cyan’s proprietary cybersecurity technology


What we do

Future-forward Readiness

We are protecting people on their digital journey from the ever-evolving cyber threats

What we may not realize is that the digital terrain we’re navigating can sometimes be dangerous. With phishing attempts, malicious content, malware and many other cyber threats lurking around the corner, we can easily expose ourselves, our companies and our data to potential risks.

cyan’s  24/7 protection provides the peace of mind of having a robust cybersecurity solution wherever one may roam. We provide white-labeled solutions for our customers in the telecommunication sector, to financial institutions and other industries, so they can protect their whole end-user base. With easy integration and seamless functionality of customized security solutions across all platforms and devices, cyan’s solutions enable a new dimension of trust. 

Benefits for their End-User

(everyone connecting to the online world)

  • Safe Surfing
  • Privacy protection
  • Real-time digital security
  • Online Identity Protection
  • Website check
  • Easy onboarding
  • Intuitive solution
  • No additional downloads

Benefits for our Customers

(e.g. Telcos, Banks, Insurances, Fintech, etc.)

  • Security for whole customer base
  • Mass market ready
  • White-labeled
  • Fast roll-out
  • Differentiator in the market
  • Increased loyalty to the brand
  • Generating additional revenue
  • Regulatory compliance

cyan Engine inside

Proprietary Threat Intelligence at the core of our solutions

Regardless of what brings an end-user to the internet, our highly advanced thread detection algorithms are actively protecting them at all times

0 B

of domains scanned per month


intelligent categorization methods automatically detect each new threat

0 M

instances of malicious activity detected and logged into our database

0 M

new threat entries added monthly in our database

Multi-Level Protection

Our solutions in a nutshell

Our network solutions are directly integrated into a Telco providers network with minimal implementation time starting at 6 weeks and easy roll-out. Available for B2B and B2C as white-labeled solution.

Our endpoint-based solutions are available as software development kit (SDK) or as standalone app. Intuitive & easy to handle for end-users, branded in our partners CI/CD for best brand recognition.

We see it as our responsibility to protect digital lives – always and everywhere! To this end, we continuously develop and optimize our most advanced cybertech.

Thomas Kicker, CEO


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We are enabling secure digital protection around the world

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