Individual Protection

Protect the digital life of every single user of your subscriber base

Providing your end users with the necessary tools for implementing the right security measures is more important than ever. Protect your customers when they are online, and position yourself as a trusted gatekeeper for their digital lives.

Make your customers aware of threats that most of them haven’t even heard of yet.

Providing seamless protection for individuals is more convenient than you think. With our Seamless Security portfolio, you can ensure that your end users are not easy prey for cyber-criminals.

Individual Life Situation

From everyday users to our grandparents’ generation, everyone connects to the Internet at some point during the day, from banking business to reading the latest news, checking social media and receiving emails from relatives.

All of us are online and exposed to potential threats, threats that most of us are not even aware of.


360° all round security for individuals

Personal Data Protection

Our cyber filters enable a safe browsing experience for individuals for protecting their data against phishing attacks, identity theft, etc. With our products, personal information is always protected, whether you are at home or on the move.

Behavior Protection

Accidentally accessing unwanted pages by clicking on links which are received from sources that are supposedly known or safe etc. will not lead to undesirable consequences, because the malicious content will be detected and blocked and your customers will be notified to prevent any harm.

Device Protection

Our application-based solution provides full protection against viruses, crypto mining, malware and other types of malicious content. Whether they are using public wireless access or a home network, every single customer will be given peace of mind, however they connect to the Internet.

Profiles and Devices

One profile for all devices

Endpoint security

Single Profile – Single Device

A single profile (default or customized) is implemented on one customer device. When the protected device is used to connect to the Internet, the digital security measures are activated.

Single Profile – Multiple Devices

A single profile is set up by your customer by applying default or customizable preferences.  Whenever a new device is added to the device list, the pre-defined profile settings can be automatically applied to the new device (Android, iOS, Windows).When one of the protected endpoints is used to connect to the Internet, the digital security measures are activated.

Product Bundles

Protect every single customer however they access the Internet

Individual protection provides a seamless customer experience on different layers. Decide which product bundle suits you best to ensure that every single one of your customers has digital security.

OnNet Security

The OnNet Security solution product is the first layer of security to be applied. OnNet Security can easily be integrated into the existing infrastructure of an operator and provides digital security for the customer base by default.

OnDevice Security

The OnDevice Solution ensures that the personal data of your customers is protected and checked by antivirus mechanisms at regular intervals, even if they are not connected to your network. Provide your customers with an application based, customizable (second) protection layer to provide digital security.

OnNet Security + OnDevice Security

With the combination of OnNet Security and OnDevice Security, you can ensure that your customers are provided with a complete set of tools for staying safe when browsing the Internet.