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The convenient all-in-one security solution for families: anytime, anywhere

In today’s world, the majority of families and households have a multitude of devices connected to the Internet. Any of these devices could be a potential access point for cyber-criminals if not equipped with a digital security solution.

Protecting the entire family and their devices from cyber-threats is a challenge.

Unsecure Internet connections leave the virtual doors open to potential cyber-attacks. Phishing, viruses, data breaches etc.: We have all heard about these attacks, but very few of us know the actual threat behind these dangerous activities.

The life situation of families:

As a family, parents want to ensure that they are protected in every situation, from using the public wireless connection at the airport to paying bills online over a mobile network. Every Internet activity such as surfing for entertainment purposes or dealing with confidential, private information – at home or elsewhere – must be protected. Protection for children is also a number one priority. Parents want to help their children to enjoy the multiple advantages of the Internet, but in a secure environment.

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Personal Data Protection

Our cyber-filters provide a safe browsing experience for all family members, ensuring that their data is protected against phishing attacks, identity theft, inappropriate content etc. With our product, their personal data is secured, whether they are at home or on the move.

Behavior Protection

Accidental linking to undesirable pages. Clicking on links which are received from sources which are supposedly known or safe etc. will not lead to undesirable consequences. Malicious content will be detected and blocked, and the family member will be notified to prevent harm.

Device Protection

The OnDevice solution provides full protection against viruses, crypto mining, malware and other types of harmful content, whatever the location. regardless of whether they are using public wireless access or a home network, you can give your client’s family peace of mind, however they connect to the Internet.

Home Network Protection

This solution protects all devices within the home network, providing fully converged security for both landlines and mobile networks. For the entire family, from children to grandparents.

Child Protection

Security measures for the children’s devices can be updated and supervised by parents using the administration panel. A variety of features can be activated to guarantee the digital safety of children.

Admin Panel

The Admin Panel allows parents to manage individual profiles and devices. All notifications, requests, or remote setting updates are easy to control via the panel. Using this feature, you can ensure that parents can provide a safe and secure browsing experience for the entire family.

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Profiles and Devices

One Solution. Multiple Purposes

With our products we can provide a variety of different options for ensuring that all family members are protected online by using options which are tailored to their requirements.

Endpoint security

Single Profile – Multiple Devices

A single profile is set up by the end user by applying default or customizable preferences.  Whenever a new device is added to the device list, the pre-defined profile settings can be automatically applied to the new device (Android, iOS, Windows).When one of the protected endpoints is used to connect to the Internet the digital security measures are activated.

Multiple Profiles – Multiple Devices

Multiple profiles can be implemented on multiple devices (Android, iOS, Windows). When a protected device is used to connect to the Internet, the digital security measures are activated.

Our Products

Security for All Internet Users

OnNet Security

OnNet Security can easily be integrated into the existing infrastructure of an operator, and provides digital security for the customer base by default. If your subscribers or their families attempt to access malicious content, a blocking page will be displayed on their devices.

OnDevice Security

The OnDevice Solution ensures that your customer’s personal data, including their entire family, is protected and checked by antivirus mechanisms at regular intervals, even if they are not connected to your network. This provides customers and their families with an application-based, customizable (second) layer of protection for providing digital security.

Child Protection

Digital security measures for the devices of children can be updated and supervised by parents using the administration panel. A variety of features can be implemented for providing children with digital safety.

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