Child Protection

Help parents to protect the ones they love the most from inappropriate content

In today’s world where children are already browsing the internet at a young age, their digital safety is a priority for their parents. With our technology you can enable parents to create a secure browsing environment for their children so that the youngest users can enjoy the advantages that the Internet has to offer.

The life situation of parents and their children

A family wants to ensure that its youngest members are safe online. The children are absolutely unaware of online dangers, and are therefore easy prey for cyber-criminals. Installing the Child Protection Solution ensures that the children have a safe browsing experience, and protects them from malicious and inappropriate content.

The family can customize the children’s security application and define safe zones, customize different timetables and profiles, and ensure that the children are not accessing any web sites etc. that are inappropriate for their age.


Our child protection solution provides a seamless and comprehensive digital security installation for safeguarding the virtual world of children.

Customizable timetables

Managing timetables that only allow children to access to the Internet within certain time slots. For example, defining a “sleep time” which restricts any Internet usage or “school time” which only allows access to specific pages for study purposes.

Safe Zone Creation

Defining geographic areas using GPS location settings to create safe zones in which the child is able to access the Internet safely, e.g. at home or at school. You have all of this and more, simply by using a web or application-based administration panel to manage the children’s profile settings

Administration panel

The web or application-based administration panel enables parents to control the digital security settings for their children from their personal device, and allows them to define settings which suit the need of their children.

Profiles and Devices

Single Profile – Single Device

Endpoint security

A single profile (default or customized) is implemented on one customer device, in this case the child’s device. When the protected device is used to connect to the Internet, the digital security measures are activated on the basis of the pre-defined profile settings.

Our Product

Child Protection

The security measures for the children’s devices can be updated and supervised by your end user using the administration panel. A variety of features can be activated to guarantee the digital safety of the children.

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