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Help small and medium-sized companies to avoid cyber-attacks

We block all entry points for cyber-criminals. Small and home offices (SoHo) are some of the most vulnerable targets for cyber-attacks. Numerous devices that are used for everyday business represent a multitude of potential access points for cyber-criminals. With our technology, you can provide your business customers with a digital security solution that will prevent potential breaches, and protects the sensitive company information of small businesses.

Protect your business customers. Wherever they are working, whatever device they are using.

The CoVid-19 lockdown which forced millions of people to work remotely highlighted the lack of adequate digital security. Using our solution, you can provide your business customers with all of the digital protection that they need, leaving none of their devices vulnerable to becoming an access point for a cyber-attack.

The SME working situation:

The business owner wants to make sure that of all her employees are protected when using their company device in the office or when working remotely. She wants to customize the settings and block potentially dangerous sites before they can become a threat to her business. In order to define who is allowed to access which domains, she wants to customize different profiles with the settings that she requires for her employees.

Protect your customers now.


Unique advantages for your business customers

Personal Data Protection

Our cyber-filters enable a safe browsing experience for every one of your business customer’s employees. Protect the data of your customer and its employees against phishing attacks, identity theft, etc. With our product, their personal data is protected, whether they are at home or on the move.

Behavior Protection

Accidental linking to undesirable pages. Clicking on links received from sources which are supposedly known or safe etc. will not lead to undesirable consequences for your business customer, because the malicious content will be detected and blocked, and the administrator will be notified to prevent harm.

Device Protection

Our OnDevice solution provides full protection against virus, crypto mining, malware, and other types of harmful content. Whether they are using public wireless access on a home network, you can give your business owners peace of mind, regardless of how their employees connect to the Internet.

Administration and Configuration

The Administration Panel allows your business customer to manage individual profiles, employees, or devices. All notifications, requests, or remote updates can easily be handled via this administration panel, and requests can be approved or Antivirus checks run remotely on all employee devices with one click, for example.

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Profiles and Devices

Multiple profiles – multiple devices

Endpoint security

Multiple profiles can be implemented on multiple devices (Android, iOS, Windows). When a protected company device is used to connect to the Internet, the digital security measures are activated.

Our Products

OnNet and OnDevice protect working spaces.

Individual protection provides a seamless customer experience on different layers. Decide which product bundle suits you best in order to ensure that every single one of your customers has digital security.

OnNet Security

The OnNet Security Solution product is the first security layer. OnNet Security can easily be integrated into the existing infrastructure of an operator, and provides digital security for the customer base by default. When the employees of the business customer attempt to access malicious content, a blocking page will be displayed on their devices and the administrator will be notified in order to ensure that no harm has been done to the business.

OnDevice Security

The OnDevice Solution ensures that personal data is protected and checked by antivirus mechanisms at regular intervals, even if the user is not connected to your network. Providing your business customer with an application-based, customizable (second) protection layer provides their business and all of their employees with digital security.

Admin Panel

Enable your business customers to define different profiles for all of their employees. All security settings can be easily controlled using the intuitive fleet management administration panel. Quick response to potential threats and remote activation of security protocols are only some of the advantages provided by our solution.

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