Network-based security solutions - OnNet Security

Leverage the potential of your network to protect your customers and their devices

Deal with the increasing demand of your customers for fully converged security.
Offer OnNet Security under your own brand.

With the increasing complexity of cyber-threats, private customers and small businesses are driving the demand for security services for both mobile and fixed networks. As a service provider, you can leverage the potential of your existing infrastructure to provide your own security service while driving revenue growth per user.

Seamless integration
Seamless Integration

Our white label solution is easily integrated into the environment of your network, and does not require additional downloads

ARPU Uplift
ARPU Uplift

Tackle ARPU erosion in your industry by leveraging the potential of security services.

Flexible business model
Flexible Commercial Models

Remain competitive and gain substantial growth with our flexible license-based or revenue share models.

We detect and remove cyber-threats before they even reach your customers.

OnNet Security is a network-based solution that enables service providers and carriers to take full advantage of their existing infrastructure by providing fully converged security with a mass-market approach. Our white label security solution offers frictionless onboarding, and is designed for every customer segment with Internet-ready devices.

Content Filtering and Blocking
Content Filtering & Blocking

The DNS traffic of subscribers is filtered on the basis of predefined content categories which they manage themselves, keeping them safe by blocking unwanted content.

Branded Self-care
Branded Self-Care Web UI

All features of OnNet Security including category management are available on the Web UI of the service provider under their own brand.

Threat Intelligence Technology
Threat Intelligence Technology

Our network-based security solution is powered by human and automated intelligence which detects and removes cyber-threats in real time.

Website check
Website Check

A potent device tool that your users can use to verify the safety of website URL links before accessing them.

Identity check
Identity Check

An up-to-date feature that triggers a notification when registered email credentials have been leaked or compromised.

Branded blocking page
Branded Blocking Page

When a potentially dangerous domain is detected, users are quickly notified with an interactive blocking page that can be branded with the service provider CI/CD.

Protect your customers now.

Seize the potential of your network.

Provide real protection for your customers and their devices.

OnNet security - Provide real protection to your customers and their devices.


Turn your customer’s benefits into benefits for your company

OnNet Security - Your benefits

for your business

High-Adoption Rates: OnNet Security is a mass-market security product with proven high-adoption rates for both private and business customer segments.

Additional Revenue Stream: Our winning network-integrated solution is mobile and landline ready, functioning as an additional revenue stream for your business.

Differentiating Offer: Take care of the increasing customer demand for security products and increase the loyalty and trust of your brand in a highly competitive market.

Multi Device Benefits

for your customer

Real-time internet protection: Customers and their privacy are fully protected against phishing, fraud, and any kind of malicious content immediately after activating the service.

Easy product onboarding: OnNet Security can be conveniently activated via all sales points of the carrier, and no further installations or downloads are expected from the customer.

Personalized experience:  The self-care web interface allows users to manage their preferred content categories, keeping them safe while enhancing their online experience.

Protect your customers now.

Threat Intelligence

The hybrid force driving OnNet Security

We enhance human intelligence with machine learning to deliver state-of-the-art cyber-threat detection

Threat Intelligence
All our security products are powered by quality threat data originating from proprietary patented algorithms and thousands of man-hours which improve our artificial intelligence contribution.

Our Threat Intelligence is driven by:

Big Data Analysis

We process +1,000 billion DNS requests per month, feeding suspicious domains into our data base.

Global Live Sourcing

Our virtual machines are distributed all over the world, and run live content analysis 24/7.

Human Intelligence

Our team of data scientists safeguards the quality of our automated website categorization with ongoing threat data updates in a 2-hour cycle.

Find out more about the basis of our success.

Industries & Use Cases

OnNet Security: One solution. Multiple industries.  


Generate incremental revenue in your industry by providing fully converged security to all your customer segments.


Leverage the potential of your network by providing security services in addition to your current offer.

Use Cases

Digital security for any customer segment

From savvy internet users to small business owners, address profitable customer segments with digital security solutions under your own brand. We provide you with a full range of security products for ensuring that your customers have a seamless experience – anytime, anywhere.