Seamless BSS/OSS solutions

One service hub. All of the telecom software services that your MVNO/MVNE requires.

Stay flexible and quickly adapt to the demands of a continuously evolving market

The increasing demand for innovative mobile services and the arrival of new competitors are forcing MVNEs and MVNOs to migrate towards a state-of-the-art infrastructure and innovation that goes beyond a price leadership strategy. With our Telecom Software platform, you can quickly deploy new services and deliver a truly digital customer experience, while driving revenue growth for your business and keeping down your operational costs.

Cloud native service hub
Cloud-Native Service Hub

Our approach focuses on providing operators with all of the services that they need, and reducing operational costs

Flexible business models
Flexible Business Model

Stay flexible with our commercial models, which are optimized for low margin B-brands and MVNO business

Grow approach
Pay-As-You-Grow Approach

Meet your business needs with a dedicated stack (CAPEX) or let us host you in our service hub as a tenant.

Integrate security
Integrated Security VAS

Meet the increasing demand for digital security, and reduce overall data costs with our range of security products

Maximize your revenues and provide an unbeatable digital customer service

Our service hub provides you with a complete software solution for running a successful mobile operator business. From self-service apps to customer care and billing, we can provide you with a fully-fledged platform that adapts to your growth strategy and operational model.

Meet the demand for new services with the aid of a streamlined product catalog

Use the GUI of our platform to create new products and tariffs without the need for support from a developer. We will provide you with a product catalog module for managing the most dynamic part of your business.

Take advantage of the integrated services in our platform, and explore upselling and cross-selling opportunities

Our platform supports real-time event processing (such as data usage tracking), making flexible campaigning opportunities possible that are aimed at your entire subscriber base across all digital sales channels.

Reduce data traffic costs while providing your customers with Internet protection

Clean Pipe Security, our DNS-based solution, protects your entire customer base from malicious content such as phishing or malware, while optimizing your data traffic and increasing your overall data savings by up to 15%.

Drive revenue and subscriber growth by meeting the increasing demand for digital security products

Increase your Average Revenue per User (ARPU) and position your brand by offering your customers a wide range of relevant digital security products under your own brand.

One platform. Multiple integration options.

Our seamless BSS/OSS platform meets the increasing demands of a wide variety of service providers, with differentiation by means of additional cost-saving tools and state-of-the-art security solutions.

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Industry Challenges

Transform the challenges of the industry into substantial digital opportunities

How can you provide a truly digital customer experience with an outdated technology stack?

MVNO/MVNE on “old” technology

The Challenge
  • MVNOs/MVNEs require state-of-the-art infrastructure to rapidly deploy new features and support lean operations.
  • Migration to a new platform supplier is time-consuming and expensive.
Your Digitalization Goal
  • To drive innovation and create a real digital customer experience that drives revenue and subscriber growth for your business.
Our Solution for MVNOs
  • Our service hub provides a cost base which guarantees break-even stack migration in no time.
  • Minimize operational effort: a platform can be operated from 2 FTEs upwards, reducing OPEX by >90%.
  • Create new products and tariffs within minutes in our integrated GUI.

How do you ensure that your B-brand is successful while optimizing deployment time and customer satisfaction?

B-Brand on existing MNO Stack

The Challenge
  • B-Brands hosted on MNO Stack lack the flexibility to deploy additional features and respond to the particular demands of customers in the market.
Your Digitalization Goal
  • To develop tailored solutions that satisfy your customers while minimizing the need for backwards compatibility
  • For hosting the BSS/OSS of your B-Brand on a separate platform, therefore minimizing the cost of integration
Our Solution for MVNOs
  • We will construct a stack which is 100% dedicated to you (CAPEX) or host you as a tenant in our service hub (OPEX), depending on your business needs
  • Drive incremental revenue by integrating digital security products under your own brand
  • Provide an unbeatable customer experience with digitized onboarding and plug & play integration

How can new operators be efficiently onboarded with a fully scalable and flexible approach?

Enabling multi-MVNO business

The Challenge
  • Onboarding individual MVNOs on a case by case basis does not allow for scaling.
  • Markets are saturated, and it is difficult for operators to find scalable niches.
Your Digitalization Goal
  • For building a multi MVNO solution that allows you to gather significant market value while remaining flexible and ensuring scalability.
Our Solution for MVNOs
  • We provide you with native multi-tenancy, combined with highly standardized onboarding processes and end-to-end business operations.
  • We also provide you with a money-saving tool which will help you to reduce your wholesale data volume and associated costs by up to 15%.

How do you deal with the opportunities that come with the deployment of 5G wireless access networks in a cost-effective way?

New Technology – 5G

The Challenge
  • As 5G-based services are implemented, operators face the challenge of having to modernize the current legacy BSS/OSS systems in order to make cross-business possible.
  • Cooperation with different horizontal and vertical 5G business use cases of.
Your Digitalization Goal
  • To rely on BSS/OSS services that optimize for cross-layer and cross- organization network/IT resource allocation when doing 5G network slicing.
  • To avoid the vendor lock-in at the infrastructure layer, virtualization layer, NF layer, SDN layer, and orchestration layer.
Our Solution for MVNOs
  • Our platform provides multi-national verticals with 5G slices (cloud-based PaaS).
  • We offer a fully digital MVNO suite with integrated connectivity based on 5G slices for different use cases including HD video, smart home, logistics, autonomous driving and more.

Our Solutions

Flexible solutions for MVNOs/MVNEs

BSS/OSS Platform

Start as a greenfield MVNO or migrate from an outdated technology by integrating end-to-end digital services with our convergent BSS/OSS and MVNE platform

Clean Pipe DNS

With our DNS-based solution you can reduce data traffic costs from up to 15 % while providing a safer and faster browsing experience to your customers

OnNet Security Solution

OnNet Security is a network-based solution that enables service providers and carriers to take full advantage of their existing infrastructure by providing digital security with a mass-market approach

OnDevice Security Solution

OnDevice Security is an application-based solution that enables service providers to keep their customers’ devices safe from cyberthreats including phishing, fraud, malware, and more

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