Security solutions for MNOs & ISPs

Drive revenue growth in mass markets forward with branded digital security services

Our mission is to protect your customers from cyber-attacks. 

Mobile devices are the number one target for cyber-attacks. With a single click, accounts can be hacked, passwords deciphered, and personal data stolen. As a service provider, you can provide your customers with fully converged protection against cyber-threats while driving revenue growth and brand loyalty forward.


of cyber-attacks are financially motivated


of cyber-attacks are targeted towards SMEs


of phishing attacks are delivered via email


of web app attacks use stolen credentials to gain access to sensitive information

Source:, top cyber security facts, figures and statistics


Provide your customers with Seamless Security in both fixed and mobile networks.

Address the increasing demand for fully converged security, and provide your customers with seamless network- and endpoint-based solutions with a mass market approach.

Seamless security
Seamless Security

We provide a full range of digital security products which are relevant for B2C and B2B customer segments.

ARPU Uplift - cyan
ARPU Uplift

Tackle ARPU erosion by providing  digital security services that yield 5-10% ARPU increase.

Fast time to market
Fast Time-to-Market

Our solutions provide smooth integration with a fast time-to-market, starting in 3-6 months.

Flexible commercial models
Flexible Commercial Models

Drive customer and revenue  growth forward with our flexible license-based or revenue share models.

Industry Challenges

Transform strategic challenges
into profitable Value-Added Services

How can incremental revenue be generated in a market that is suffering from ARPU erosion?

Leverage the trust in your brand to provide digital security as part of your service portfolio.

The Challenge
  • Low revenue growth and shrinking margins.
  • Increasing competition from OTT and technology players acquiring a bigger share of the market.
Your Digitalization Goal
  • To boost revenue growth per user with relevant value-added services that complement your existing product portfolio.
Our Solution for MNOs/ISPs
  • Experience an uplift of up to 5-10% ARPU by providing branded security services for fixed and mobile networks
  • Provide fully integrated security for your B2C and B2B customer segments with proven penetration rates of more than 30-40%.

How can the adoption of digital security services be increased with a mass market approach?

Increase your market reach by providing relevant security services to private and business customers.

The Challenge
  • Adoption rates suffer because the switching costs for additional services are low.
  • Players with standard products experience high turnover rates because customer-centric competitors are driving innovation.
Your Digitalization Goal
  • To provide your customers with relevant security solutions with profitable adoption rates together with up-selling and cross-selling opportunities.
Our Solution for MNOs/ISPs
  • Offer our fixed and mobile line security services to your customers at a low incremental cost to their monthly bill.
  • Use our scalable solutions to address your entire customer base, with a low turnover rate of less than 5%.

How can you differentiate yourself from the competition with innovative products?

Drive innovation in your industry by addressing the demand for seamless digital services.

The Challenge
  • New players are raising customers’ expectations with even more innovative products.
  • The demand for pure digital products with frictionless onboarding increases together with digital distribution.
Your Digitalization Goal
  • To differentiate yourself from the competition with relevant mass market digital products that drive revenue growth and Customer Lifetime Value.
Our Solution for MNOs/ISPs
  • Our solutions allow you to innovate in record time with fast time-to-market for security products starting at 3-6 months.
  • Deliver superior performance by offering protection from cyber-threat on and off your network, including public Wi-Fi.
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Deliver Seamless Security.

Product Overview

Network-based security – OnNet Security

Leverage the potential of your network to safeguard your customers and their devices

OnNet Security is a network-based solution that enables service providers and carriers to take full advantage of their existing infrastructure by providing fully integrated security with a mass-market approach.

  • Easy Roll-Out: OnNet Security is seamlessly integrated into your network with a fast time to market.
  • Frictionless Onboarding: The service can be easily activated without additional downloads or installations.
  • Mass Market Ability: Boost your revenue growth with a scalable digital security service.
OnNet security - Network security solution

Endpoint-based security – OnDevice Security

Give your customers peace of mind with your own digital security app

OnDevice Security is an endpoint-based solution that enables service providers to safeguard the devices of their customers when they connect off-network. The white label solution provides your customers with real time protection against cyber-threats, including phishing, fraud, malware and more.

  • Seamless Integration: Our solution can be provided as a standalone app or integrated into an existing customer self-care application via SDK.
  • Security for All Endpoints: Deliver a Seamless Security experience across laptops, tablets, and mobile devices.
  • Advanced Features: OnDevice Security includes additional security tools for delivering an enhanced online customer experience.
Device independence

Endpoint-based security – Child Protection

Help parents protect the ones they love the most

Protect children from dangerous and inappropriate content by providing your own parental control app. Child Protection provides all-round protection for children including Internet, Wi-Fi and app security with sophisticated filter technology against cyber-threats.

  • Advance Protection App: Our solution includes content filtering, geolocation, Internet usage settings, and other state-of-the-art security features.
  • User Friendly: Intuitive management interface for parents with the best online experience for children.
  • Legal Compliance: Compliant with legal requirements and regulations from local authorities.
Internet child protection

Use Cases

Network protection for
individuals, families and SMEs

From personal device protection to wider-ranging use at work or home, we provide you with a full spectrum of Seamless Security products for ensuring that your customers have an all-round safe experience – anytime, anywhere.

The digital world is a considerable part of our private and business lives. Regardless of the reason for our usage, we are all connected to one system: the internet. Some people use their mobile device to keep in touch with their loved ones, some simply to pass time and to get entertained, whilst others may depend on it for their education or profession. The digital life has become extremely vulnerable. We at cyan see it as our social responsibility to be the invisible protector for all your customers’ digital activities – they will not recognise us, as we operate with the most advanced cyber technology and protect you against any risks; seamless and without interruption.

Frank von SethCEO cyan AG