White label security solutions for Insurance Providers

Modern insurances do not pay. They protect.

Damage prevention is key to the success of modern insurance providers

Nowadays, the majority of users and their devices are not adequately protected from threats on the Internet. With our white label security solutions, insurance companies can enhance the experience of policyholders with real-time Internet protection against phishing, fraud, identity theft, and other dangerous cyber-threats.

The triple advantage for insurance providers:

Increase your existing portfolio
Increase the reach of your existing insurance portfolio with a valuable security service.
Elevate your business
Elevate the trustworthiness of your brand with a customer-oriented product.
Identify and take advantage of new revenue opportunities
Identify and take advantage of new revenue opportunities powered by digitalization.

Protect your customers now.


The insurance and financial industries are the ones that are the most targeted by cyber-criminals due to the nature of the data collected from their customers.


of cyber-attacks are financially motivated


of banking and insurance breaches take place via Web applications


is the average annual cost caused by cyber-crime in the insurance industry


of malware is installed via malicious email attachments (e.g. Office files).

**Source: Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR) 2019, – The cost of cybercrime Accenture Report 2019

Our mission is to help you to protect your customers from cyber-attacks

With our security solutions you can address the demand for security products and protect your customers from a full range of cyber-threats, including:

Phishing attacks
Phishing Attacks

Victims reveal sensitive information to cyber-criminals posing as trusted companies and organizations.

Identity theft
Identity Theft

Harvested records containing personal, social security and financial information are misused by cyber-criminals to commit fraud or other crimes.


Infectious software that is installed on the device of the victim with the potential for stealing or taking banking and other confidential information for ransom.

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Industry Challenges

Transform the challenges of the insurance industry into substantial digital opportunities

Does the average revenue per user (ARPU) for insurance products need to decrease?

Explore new sales opportunities beyond the scope of traditional insurance services.

The Challenge
  • Innovative specialist suppliers are acquiring profitable product areas
  • Classic insurance products are becoming inflationary
Your Digitalization Goal
  • To effortlessly generate additional revenue with digital solutions offered under your own brand
Our Solution for Insurance Providers
  • Our fully automated solutions create sustainable revenue with high profitability

Why is it becoming easier for some vendors to digitize their products?

Provide innovative products, and modernize the brand image.

The Challenge
  • Customers expect new, innovative, and state-of-the-art products
  • Customer retention levels are low in the insurance industry, where customers switch products easily
Your Digitalization Goal
  • To be perceived as an innovative insurer
  • Increase customer loyalty with attractive products
Our Solution for Insurance Providers
  • Our white label solutions are 100% tailor-made for you
  • We help you position your brand and make it relevant in a digital context

Do insurance companies really offer security?

Provide digital protection for complementing the classic insurance portfolio in a meaningful way.

The Challenge
  • Security is the core value for any insurance company
  • E-commerce and convenience services represent new challenges
Your Digitalization Goal
  • Create win-win situations: reinforce the brand value of digital security and expand to e-commerce at the same time
Our Solution for Insurance Providers
  • Our endpoint security solutions provide state-of-the-art device protection for the digital life of your customers


Click, pay, activate!

We can help you to provide your banking customers with digital device protection

It couldn’t be simpler: integrate our SDK (Software Development Kit) into your existing self-care app or let us collaborate to design a standalone security app under your own brand. With just one click, your customers can access your new security service, pay, and activate it to get immediate device protection against cyber-threats.

  • Seamless integration: Our solution can be provided either as a standalone app or integrated into an existing customer self-care application.
  • White-labelling: The design of the app is aligned with your corporate identity to provide your customer  with a seamless experience.
  • Easy roll-out: The app can be made available to your customers almost immediately with the possibility of installing and paying their subscription from the Apple or Google App Stores.
  • Threat Intelligence: Our solutions provide real-time protection powered by our unique threat detection technology.
Endpoint cybersecurity solutions

The hybrid force driving OnDevice Security

We combine human intelligence with more than 25 automated threat analysis methods

Threat Intelligence
All of our security products are powered by quality threat data originating from proprietary patented algorithms and thousands of man–hours, which improve our artificial intelligence contribution.

Our Threat Intelligence is driven by:

Big Data Analysis

We process +1,000 billion DNS requests per month, feeding suspicious domains into our data base.

Global Live Sourcing

Our virtual machines are distributed all over the world and run live content analysis 24/7.

Human Intelligence

Our team of data scientists ensures the quality of our automated website categorization with ongoing threat data updates in a 2-hour cycle.

Flexible security solutions for Insurance Providers

Integrate digital security into your service portfolio with endless commercial possibilities: build up a product bundle with other insurance related services, launch your own security app as an additional revenue opportunity, or combine these and other commercial alternatives.

Help parents protect the ones who they love the most

Enhance your digital security offer with Child Protection under your own brand. Our Child Protection solution is an additional security product which is specially designed to protect children on their devices while they browse the Internet.

Success Story

Considering the recent events unfolding globally, including the spread of COVID-19, users and companies are becoming more aware of the potential cyberthreats towards their privacy and sensitive data that the use of mobile devices brings with it. With the Aon CySec app developed in collaboration with cyan Digital Security, we are closing a serious security gap that offers companies and private individuals, and offering advanced endpoint protection that mitigates the risks of data getting leaked or users being the target of phishing or malware attacks.

Cyrill SennhauserMember of the Aon Executive Board (Aon Switzerland AG, Zurich)
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