White label security solutions for Financial Services Providers

Protect your banking customers with your own digital security app

The greatest danger for bank clients are their devices

Right from the very beginning, financial institutions have learned how to protect entrusted money against criminal attacks. And they still do – to this day, no other industry had operated under stricter security protocols and safeguarded IT infrastructures. However, badly protected devices, careless users and insecure data connections are the biggest triggers for phishing attacks, fraudulent transactions andother cyber-threats costing financial institutions a tremendous amount of money every year.


Protect your customers from cyber-threats and close the security gap of their devices by providing your own digital security app.

The triple advantage for financial services providers:

Elevate your brand
Increase the trustworthiness of your brand with a customer-oriented product.
Protect your customers
Protect the data privacy of your customers to support banking compliance standards.
Identify and take advantage of new revenue opportunities
Identify and take advantage of new revenue opportunities powered by digitalization

Protect your customers now.

Facts & Figures

The financial and insurance industries are the ones that are the most targeted by cyber-criminals because of the nature of the data that they collect from their customers.


of cyber-attacks are financially motivated


of banking and insurance breaches take place via Web applications


is the average annual cost caused by cyber-crime in the financial industry


of malware is installed via malicious email attachments (e.g. Office files).

**Source: Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR) 2019, – The cost of cyber-crime Accenture Report

Industry Challenges

Transform the challenges of the financial services industry into substantial digital opportunities

The products of financial service providers are not sufficiently customer-oriented

Stand out from the competition in your industry with relevant additional services

The Challenge
  • Innovative specialist suppliers acquire profitable product areas
  • New industry entrants make the customers the focus of their product design
Your Digitalization Goal
  • To enable individualization and generate additional sales with fully digitalized, white label security services
Our Solution for Financial Service Providers
  • Differentiation made easy; our innovative security solutions can be implemented in the fastest time-to-market

Financial products and services are too traditional

Provide innovative products and modernize your brand image in the digital era

The Challenge
  • Customers expect something new, innovative and better
  • Financial products should make their lives easier. If not, their attention turns to innovative offers from the competition
Your Digitalization Goal
  • To be perceived as an innovative financial  service provider
  • To increase customer loyalty with attractive products
Our Solution for Financial Service Providers
  • Our white label products are 100% customizable and in line with the latest trends
  • Our technological advantage makes our solutions unique

Customers are not protected in the digital world

Provide digital protection for your most valuable asset, your customers

The Challenge
  • Providing security is the core value of every financial provider
  • Earning the digital trust of your customers is a challenge
Your Digitalization Goal
  • Respond to the needs of the end customer by bringing your services into the digital age and offering innovative solutions.
Our Solution for Financial Service Providers
  • Our endpoint security products provide relevant protection in the digital world.
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Close the security gap and offer device protection to your banking customers

Mobile devices are a key link between financial institutions and their customers. Our Endpoint Security Solutions protect the devices of your customers from cyber-attacks while providing complete data privacy.

A hacked device can threaten the privacy of your customers and  potentially undermine the usage and trust of your app

Click, pay, activate!

We can help you to provide your banking customers with digital device protection

It couldn’t be simpler: integrate our SDK (Software Development Kit) into your existing self-care app or let us collaborate to design a standalone security app under your own brand. With just one click, your customers can access your new security service, pay, and activate it to get immediate device protection against cyber-threats.

  • Seamless integration: Our solution can be provided either as standalone app or integrated into an existing customer self-care application.
  • White labelling: The design of the app is aligned with your corporate identity to provide your customer with a seamless experience.
  • Easy roll-out: The app can be made available to your customers almost immediately with the possibility of installing and paying for their subscription from the Apple or Google App Stores.
  • Threat Intelligence: Our solutions provide real-time protection, powered by our unique threat detection technology.
Endpoint cybersecurity solutions

The hybrid force driving OnDevice Security

We combine human intelligence with more than 25 automated threat analysis methods

Threat Intelligence
All of our security products are powered by quality threat data originating from proprietary patented algorithms and thousands of man-hours, which improves our artificial intelligence contribution.

Our Threat Intelligence is driven by:

Big Data Analysis

We process +1,000 billion DNS requests per month, feeding suspicious domains into our data base.

Global Live Sourcing

Our virtual machines are distributed all over the world and run live content analysis 24/7.

Human Intelligence

Our team of data scientists ensures the quality of our automated website categorization with ongoing threat data updates in a 2-hour cycle.

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