Seamless BSS/OSS solutions

Our telecom software platform matches the digital needs of MVNOs and B-Brands

Our mission is to enable mobile service providers to thrive in a highly competitive industry

Start as a greenfield MVNO or migrate from outdated technology by integrating end-to-end digital services with our convergent BSS/OSS and MVNE platform. We use a cloud-native service hub approach, providing flexible commercial models which are optimized for low-margin business, together with a vast amount of experience in building independent MVNO systems with seamless integration.

Flexible business model
Flexible Business Model

Become a tenant within our existing hubs, or let us build your own cloud solution

End2End features
End2End Features

With seamless state of the art features, including digital services

Seamless security
Seamless Security

Our platform includes ready-to-market security products for boosting your ARPU

Your benefits

  • Cloud native Service Hub: Get all of the digital services and features that you need from a single source, and leverage the potential of our one-stop-shop approach.
  • A BSS/OSS Solution with cyber security products included: Our seamless BSS/OSS solution stands out by offering additional cost-saving tools and revenue-generating security solutions.
  • Minimized Operations efforts: Let us manage the services on your behalf or operate your own platform from 2 FTEs onwards, reducing OPEX by more than 90% compared to your legacy system or the systems of our competitors
Enabler for seamless security - Our differentiators

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Platform Features

A seamless BSS/OSS and MVNE platform designed for scaling.



We enable multiple providers (B-Brands, MVNOs) on a single BSS/OSS software stack with separated data, individual configurations, and 3rd party system integration

Real-time convergent rating and charging:

The ability to control, rate & charge any service in real-time (including postpaid & non-telco transactions) featuring real-time policy management and service control

Designed for scaling:

Our platform is designed for scaling from a small subscriber base to millions of subscribers.

Agile product portfolio:

Stay agile and create new products, tariffs and plans in our GUI within minutes, with distribution across all digital sales channels in a second!

Full Digital Proposition:

We will facilitate your full digital transformation, and help you to focus on your business by minimizing human interaction and operational effort in the direction of zero.

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Industry Challenges

One platform. Multiple integration options.

Our seamless BSS/OSS platform fulfills the increasing demands of a wide variety of service providers, differentiating with additional cost-saving tools and state-of-the-art security solutions.

Seamless Security

Seamless Security On & Off Network

Our solutions provide seamless protection both on and off the operator’s network

Reduce implementation times and reach huge markets

Leading cybersecurity company

All BSS/OSS Services from a Single Supplier

Obtain all of the digital services and features that you need from a single supplier with our service hub approach

Digital security products included

White label products

White Label Approach

Position your brand by providing security services as a differentiator in a highly competitive market

Tap into the potential of new revenue streams, and generate more value of your business and customers

Flexible Tariff Builder

Flexible Commercial Models

Leverage the potential of our flexible business models, which are designed to suit the needs of your business in a better way

Get the right balance between risks and revenues, and choose between a flexible revenue share model or our licensing business model

Use Cases

Switch to a BSS/OSS platform with built-in profitability

From credit top-ups to sharing data with other subscribers, our platform supports a wide range of built-in services which give you an advantage in your sales strategy, acquiring higher value from the market and enriching the experience of your customers.

Flexible tarif
Flexible Tariff Builder
Data usage control
Data Usage Control
Real-time Loyalty Campaigns
Loyalty Campaigns
Emergency loans
Emergency Loans

We are more than a BSS/OSS platform.
We deliver Seamless Security

Benefit from additional revenue opportunities and uplift your ARPU with our portfolio of network-integrated and endpoint security solutions. Our platform includes a variety of ready-to-market OTT products which are designed to provide your customers with a seamless experience which goes beyond traditional telco products.


Integrate our Clean Pipe solution to relieve your network of unnecessary and unwanted data traffic, and save between 5% and 15% on wholesale data costs to your MNO.

For MNOs & ISPs

Address the real demand for security products and provide network-integrated and endpoint security solutions with potential upselling to parental control features. Target B2C and B2B customer segments with the digital services that they really want.

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Success Stories

Leading brands around the world already use our platform:

We hold a proven track record of successful BSS/OSS and MVNE/MVNO deployments with leading brands, dealing with millions of subscribers all over the world. Our state-of-the-art technology and seamless delivery experience keep convincing top service providers, and made us the number 1 MVNE provider in Latin America.

Success Stories as PDFs:

skitto by Grameenphone Ltd. in Bangladesh
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Skinny by Spark in New Zealand
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