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Safely embark on your digital adventures

Safety features are ingrained in our daily lives. We look both ways when we cross the street, we wear our seatbelts and we cover our ears against sudden loud noises. Safety in our online world, however, doesn’t always come so intuitively. cyan solutions provide cybersecurity features that can be integrated seamlessly into your various online tasks, making it a natural fit for your digital life.

Build your safer future

Holistic risk management solutions to safeguard your digital journey

Network-Based Security

OnNet security

The first layer of protection that keeps you safe on your digital adventures.

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Multi-Dimensional Solutions

OnDevice security

Level up your digital armor with an endpoint protection solution as a second layer of security.

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Software Integration


cyan’s software development kit protects each user’s uninterrupted internet browsing experience with a second layer of security.

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Foundational Security


A whole network safeguarded by a foundation security layer.

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Family & Home Protection

Child Protection

Encouraging our kids to roam the digital world safely by providing tools for safe browsing and secure communication.

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We believe in a world where
technology securely improves
every aspect of our lives.

At cyan, we see it as our social responsibility to protect the digital lives of our customers – always and everywhere! To this end, we’re continuously developing and optimizing our most advanced cybertech.


The unseen magic

Custom cybersecurity solutions

Technology allows us to be more connected, intelligent and have endless possibilities for positive change – but we also face new, constantly evolving challenges in cyberattacks.

cyan provides security solutions designed to protect you in today’s globally-connected world.

The digital seatbelt for everyone, everywhere. Individuals, families or companies alike can benefit from the holistic digital protection powered by a highly sophisticated technology to safeguard all family members and every generation. A convenient, all-in-one package combines mobile and fixed-line protection with all of the advantages of network- and application-based protection in order to provide an integrated online security experience.

Convenient for Small and Home Offices  (SoHo) and SME setups.

Business owners can be sure their employees are protected when using their company devices in the office or when working remotely. Providing the security they need to stay safe online and make the most out of their given tools to let the business flourish unhindered by potential threats.

Everyone connects to the Internet at some point during the day – from online banking and reading the latest news, to checking social media and receiving emails. We all want to enjoy our browsing experience unbothered. We provide full-coverage digital safety for your online journey, including personal data protection, behavior guidance and full device protection brought to the market by combination of OnNet and our OnDevice Security solution.