A new level of software integration at your fingertips

Software-development kit

Unleashing your digital potential

Digitalization is driving our world forward and creating endless possibilities for positive change. Our software development kit ensures  you’ll have a second layer of security and uninterrupted internet browsing as you discover a world of digital opportunities.

Launch optimized, seamlessly integrated and fast – safeguarding your internet experience is now easier than ever before.

Making it as easy as possible for our partners is essential for us. With our software development kit, seamless integration into a partner’s existing app is now easier than ever.

How it works

Seamlessly integrated digital protection

cyan’s software development kit makes it easy to integrate into any existing service application. With a world full of opportunities in your hands, SDK helps unleash your digital potential.

  • Internet Protection
    Keep out potential harm by utilizing the power of Threat Intelligence, ensuring you can have an uninterrupted internet browsing experience.
  • Website check
    Not sure if you should visit that page? No problem. Simply paste the URL and we’ll tell you the security status of a domain.
  • Identity check
    Save your email addresses and we’ll let you know in case something happens that requires your attention.
  • Intuitive notification
    Save valuable time and gain peace-of-mind with cyan’s intuitive notifications that only alert you when there is something that requires your attention.