Going beyond simply connecting

Network-based security

Enjoy your freedom while we keep your connections safe

It’s a vast world-wide-web out there. Casting a wide net with a network-based solution ensures the best chance of catching what needs to be caught.

Secured by the integration of a gatekeeper that does the checking of content and traffic for you, OnNet Solution goes beyond simply connecting. It reaches the next level of safety and satisfaction for your digital journey.

Our OnNet solution is like the invisible guard that clears the path for you – keeping not only an eye on what is happening in the moment but also predicting the future.

Martin, Sales

How it works

Jump into the unknown.
We’re here to catch you.

Navigating the online world should be exciting. With the increasing complexity of cyber-threats, it’s important to be able to rely on a solution that has a wide reach in scope and intel.

With OnNet, you level-up your network with enhanced digital security along with the potential to benefit from additional revenues.

A safety net for all connections, OnNet is the simple solution for your technological security needs.

Benefits of onnet

Securing your entire network

Network-integrated ease

With no installation necessary, OnNet easily integrates into the environment of your network.

Minimal interaction

OnNet is the protector of your internet journey, keeping you safe without need for maintenance or double-checking.

A safety net for all

OnNet catches the harmful parts of the internet before you even notice them.

Value on all levels

Tackle ARPU erosion by leveraging the potential of security services with the potential to generate new revenue with our Value-added service.

Adjustable for your needs

The DNS traffic of subscribers is filtered by predefined content categories.

Expanding horizons

With a mass-market ready and scalable solution, OnNet provides a solution for growing businesses.