Unleash your digital potential with a second layer of protection

A device guardian

Securing the digital world in the palm of your hands

We live in a fascinating century. Endless knowledge, resources and opportunities are available within reach. Even with the smallest devices we can manage our personal and professional lives wherever we go.

In this world of endless opportunities and technological advancements, cyan’s OnDevice Protection offers tools to make your digital experience safe. Seamlessly integrated and powered by the heart of our technology, it targets  phishing, malware, fraud and other threats before they interrupt your life. It’s the guardian you can rely on, no matter where you roam.

Very literally speaking, all of us hold the key to the digital world in the palm of our hands. At cyan it is our job to protect this key, this device, to the highest standard.

Alex, product and development

A second layer of security

A safer future for everyone

At cyan, we’ve made it our mission to be the guardian for everyone’s safer tomorrow. With the endless opportunities that technology can offer, our solutions provide full protection with a simple application.

Powered by our Threat Intelligence, the OnDevice Protection app offers state-of-the-art technology to keep out potential harm as you navigate your digital adventures.

Seamlessly integrated and fueled by the heart of our technology, this second layer of protection allows for an uninterrupted experience in both your business and personal endeavors. Experience seamless internet browsing while OnDevice intuitively targets any digital nuisances before they bother you.

Features and benefits

Full protection with one simple application.

Internet Protection

OnDevice keeps out potential harm by utilizing the power of Threat Intelligence.

Harmful websites that contain phishing content, viruses, scam and ransomware are blocked by default, whereas content category-based websites can be managed individually.

Website Check

Not sure if you should visit that page?

No problem. Simply paste the URL and our Website-Check will test whether it contains harmful content.

Available on the Endpoint Mobile Security Dashboard, or integrated for Android and iOS operating systems.

Identity Check

Secure your emails with Identity-Check, which notifies you of leaks and data breaches.

Available as an own section or on the Endpoint Mobile Security Dashboard, the Identity-Check has been integrated for use on Android and iOS operating systems.

Intuitive Notification

Save valuable time and gain peace-of-mind with our intuitive notifications that alert you when there is something that requires your attention.

No notifications? Good news. Your digital guardian is vigilantly protecting you.