Enhanced cybersecurity for your daily flow

foundational security

The start of your safer tomorrow

We get it. You have more important things to worry about than your internet security. With CleanPipe DNS, you’ll get one simple and quickly integrated solution that allows you to get on with your day.

This foundation layer for secure web browsing identifies dangerous content and blocks illegal information so you’ll get less unwanted traffic and more security in your daily browsing experience.

focus on the essentials

Less unwanted traffic, more security

The internet offers a wealth of information, communication and entertainment opportunities. CleanPipe DNS ensures you won’t be flooded with unwanted data traffic and malicious activity.

This is the quick and easy go-to option you are looking for. Using innovative DNS categorization, CleanPipe utilizes a database of more than 300 million entries – updated every four hours – to clear your digital experience from phishing, hacking and trackers.

Contributing up to 15% of your data volume savings, CleanPipe provides a safer, faster browsing experience. By blocking specific content categories in compliance with data-protection requests of local authorities, you’ll get less unwanted traffic and more security in your daily browsing experience.

We focus on the essential part of harmful web traffic, saving you time, money and enhancing your security.



Benefits of cleanpipe

A faster, more efficient digital experience

Content filtering and blocking

DNS traffic is filtered on a general set of content categories, ensuring safety.

Up to 15% data reduction

Optimize data traffic with estimated savings of up to 15% when compared to traffic volume without filtering.

Threat intelligence technology

CleanPipe is powered by human and automated intelligence detecting cyber threats in real time.

Branded blocking page

You’ll be quickly notified with a customizable blocking page when a potentially dangerous domain is identified.

Frictionless service activation

Pre-defined service profile provides a simple, fast integration.

Real privacy protection

CleanPipe offers additional privacy protection by eliminating unwanted trackers that monitor your online behavior.