Child Protection

Giving our children the freedom to roam

kid-friendly, parent approved

Imagine an online world
full of opportunities

Once upon a time, parents had to worry about their child’s safety online. But now, with Child Protection from cyan, screen-time limits, access to age-appropriate content and protection from cyberthreats are all taken care of.

Gain peace-of-mind with an app designed to protect children as they explore their digital playground, unbothered and trouble-free.

Here’s the story

A child’s guiding star in a vast,
digital jungle

Over the river and through the woods, wherever a child may roam, safe browsing and secure communication stay the top priority.

With the Child Protection app, available on mobile, tablet or computer, even the youngest are safely guided on their quest for knowledge and adventure.

From screen-time management to preventing access to inappropriate content and black-/whitelisting of specific pages, Child Protection natively puts in place settings to lead children through the digital jungle while providing endless opportunities for education, entertainment and communication.

Available as a standalone application or SDK, as well as a brand enhancement through a white label approach.

Exploring and making the best out of all opportunities is the essence of how the next generations will grow up to make a difference. We ensure they make use of all their given means in the digital realm in a secured and protected way.

Benefits of Child protection

Modern-day parenting
as easy as 1, 2, 3 …

Ready… the user accounts

With individual user profiles, parents can customize content categories and app features by age and need.

Have a pre-teen who wants access to social platforms but need to limit your toddler’s screen time? No problem.

Easily set up multiple user accounts with our default settings or adapt the app to your (or your child’s) own wishes.

Set… the guidelines

Suitable for one or multiple child devices, our guidelines fulfill compliance and legal standards with easy integration options.

Child Protection comes with full access to manage safety settings, including a timetable and internet usage from the linked app, so parents can easily set their kids up for success.

Go… online safely

After testing their child’s new and improved internet experience, parents can confidently pass the device and the potential for growth to their children.

The Open Child Request function allows children to seek permission to unlock specific content and applications when needed.