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Frank von Seth started his journey on board of cyan on 01.01.2021. Bringing in some new ideas and innovative thoughts.

We want you to meet our new CEO and give you the chance to learn a little bit about him as a person and his vision for cyan.

Frank, please tell us who you are. Who is Frank von Seth as a person?

«Well, this is quite a broad question. I would like to answer it in this way; studying people, in their development and the improvement of everything, products, partnerships, companies, strategies, and society, absolutely fascinates me. On the other hand, I like provoking myself and others to get more out of everyone; something you would not have thought would have been possible before. I find encountering new experiences and transforming them into actions really exciting. I have difficulties with constant routines, as I easily get bored, and thus need to be surrounded by people who are able to get my ideas in an order. I am a strong optimist, but also quite impatient to get things done and I am always questioning the status quo. I believe and aim for bigger things; and cyan can become really big.»

What is your understanding of cyan so far and where do you see cyan in the future?

«At the moment the main purpose of cyan is to be a strong technology company that provides good products mainly to telco companies. There is an aim to help individuals overcome their daily struggles to be protected against cyber threats, however, I strongly believe cyan can be much more. We have a responsibility towards society. On the digital highway, we are the seatbelt for a safe journey through the network. We also have the responsibility to educate, as people are more likely to change their behaviors and will be more accepting towards safety measures for their own protection, if they properly understand the need for a safer experience. If we manage to deliver this message successfully, we will become multinational, global and an exceptional company.»

Where do you see the biggest potential for the company?

«In the mass market. Nothing is impossible; only we can limit ourselves. In principle, we should exist wherever there is a link between a device and the internet. This is given in many industries such as health care, automotive, machinery business, but also in education, government, and supply chain. We will improve our brand and product, i.e. with our own cyan named features, but also within our company’s philosophy. We should consider building knowledge and services around already existing products to become an operator for all cyber topics. For a better picture of the whole concept, I like to make reference to Apple; the MacBook can be compared with our BSS/OSS business, and the endpoint is and will be the iPhone, once this starts to fly, we have to create a universe of services and other items around these two main products within the cyber world.»

What is your overall philosophy for leading cyan?

«There are no limits. Think big, be creative, try, fail, and try again, enjoy the journey, and do not spend too much time thinking about losses, but also do not get over excited by the wins. Know competition, but do not compare yourself to them, improve yourself on a daily basis, get better as a person, in product, and as a company in every single moment. Enjoy the ride; success, growth, remuneration and higher shares will follow after that. But once you are on top, do not be afraid to question everything and start again from scratch.»

Can you think of one thing you would like everybody to know about cyan?

«I can only recommend to get in touch with us. In communication, we will learn from each other and people will understand that cyan can provide an opportunity for business partners, end users, clients – everyone – to improve cyber security in their daily lives, not as a «must have» product, but more as a natural “want to have” feature.»


2021 started with a new vibe and set the grounds for an exciting ride into the future. Be part of our journey!

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