Mobile Network Operators (MNO & ISP)

With our innovative and reliable cybersecurity solutions, you can offer your customers premium products that they really need. This brings you both regular revenue and satisfied customers who will trust you even more.

Offer your customers even more security – with superior reliability and convenience

Your customers‘ problems can quickly become yours. With a growth rate of 22 percent in annual data usage and 40 percent in e-commerce, your customers are becoming ever more interesting for cybercriminals. Prevent and protect against this threat with cyan’s network-integrated security solutions and earn additional revenue from our premium products. You can fully rely on us as a Third Party Provider: we focus on keeping our security and privacy solutions up-to-date and reliable, creating the perfect “customer journey” for you, leaving you free to focus on the end customer and present them with relevant products.

  • Integrated and ready-to-use security solutions for all target groups
  • White label branding in your own corporate design
  • Positioning yourself as a provider of cybersecurity solutions
  • Easy roll-out to end customers without additional downloads; ensuring a high degree of user-friendliness
  • Relevant and attractive “Value Added Services” to increase revenues
  • Highest possible protection against all cyber threats

Protect your customers and benefit from additional revenue

Everyone wants and needs security, including your customers. Cyan’s security solutions are the perfect way to address these wants and needs when it comes to the dangers present on the Internet. Our “White Label” products, based on our universally unique technology with 23 complex algorithms and several patents, detect the most diverse cyber threats to your customers and defends against them in real-time.

Our products differ in the essential benefits they offer your customers: “OnNet Security” to protect data connections, “Endpoint Security” to secure devices, “Data Privacy” (Clean Pipe DNS) to ensure privacy, and “Child Protection”, which was developed in cooperation with many media psychologists. But they all have one thing in common: they do not require costly investments and they can be integrated into your existing infrastructure. This allows you to make even better use of your communications network by offering your customers highly effective, lucrative “Cybersecurity” packages.

There is no touchpoint between your customers and cyan and their data remains unaffected by our service offerings. While our software is active in your systems, no information about data or transactions is collected or stored. Our high-quality premium solutions always ensure strong customer relationships and sophisticated data protection.

With our convergent BSS/OSS platform you can launch and manage your MVNO or B-Brand; thanks to our „Out-of-the-box“ configuration. We guarantee a successful platform deployment and migration in no time. As a One-stop-shop, we enable you a full digital transformation and deliver you everything you need for a perfectly tailored platform. cyan Seamless BSS/OSS was developed from day one focusing on streamlined functionality and lean operations, which allows you to remain independent and avoid having to coordinate with multiple suppliers. Benefit from our longstanding market experience!

Our products for MNO & ISP

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