Insurance companies

As an insurance company, you cover the risks of your customers in all areas of life. With cyan's cyber security solutions, you demonstrate a sense of responsibility, ensure prevention and reduce damage claims.

Give your customers Internet security and score points with highly effective cybersecurity products

Our award-winning technology identifies ten million threats every day, threats that your customers - and their children - are exposed to. As our partner, you can position your brand as being responsible-minded and provide your customers with highly effective cybersecurity products that solve present-day problems. These premium products, in your own branding, can be an incentive for an insurance contract or a “value-added service” that reduces your risk in mobile and cyber insurance markets.

  • Relevant, premium digital services for your business
  • “White Label” branding in your own corporate design
  • Uncomplicated implementation into your infrastructure
  • Easy roll-out to end customers without additional downloads
  • The highest possible protection against all cyberthreats

Avert dangers – and get ahead of the competition

Around the clock and around the globe, our award-winning and partially patented algorithms analyse 550 million server requests per hour. Most of this data is harmless, but a small percentage - millions of individual queries in total - is highly dangerous: phishing attacks, malware, viruses or identity theft. Every second online user has already been the victim of a phishing attack or identity theft. With our cybersecurity solutions, these attacks don’t stand a chance.

As your B2B2C partner, we stay completely in the background so there is no point of contact between cyan and your customers. Integrated into your infrastructure, our solutions become your own products, with which you can demonstrate a sense of responsibility and strengthen the trust of your customers. Our flexible business model adapts to your needs as well as our modular technology. This allows you to use the “Endpoint Security” and “Child Protection” products to enhance your own service apps, to offer your customers “Stand-alone” apps as a premium service or “Value-added Service” or to use them in a kind of bonus system.

We want to go into more detail about our “Child Protection” offering because we are convinced that children need special protection on the Internet. That's why we have developed a very powerful product that protects children not only against content that is age inappropriate, but also against cyberattacks, fraud, and uncontrolled in-app purchases. Parents gain more control over their children's online activities, making it easier for them to educate their children to use this media responsibly.

The parents among your customers are already aware of the benefits of such an app. This makes it easy for you to position yourself as a trustworthy insurance company and to create new opportunities.

Our “White Label” products for insurance companies

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