Our differentiated filtering technologies provide a basis for services that benefit governments as well. They can effectively protect both the general public and government institutions from cyberthreats.

Protect your citizens against crime – even in the virtual world

Digitalization brings impressive advantages, especially in administration. But it brings entirely new types of crime with it: cyberattacks with an intent to defraud, and online criminal activity such as arms trafficking, illegal gambling, and child pornography. Our “white label” cybersecurity technology integrates easily into your infrastructure, protecting both employees of government organizations and citizens. Flexibly customizable, we can provide you with advanced tools to effectively address a variety of new challenges.

  • Easy implementation of cybersecurity for government agencies
  • Provides nationwide anti-fraud software
  • Data protection ensured – no insights into data or transactions required
  • Protection of the general public against cyberattacks and illegal offers
  • Interfaces with emergency organizations and services
  • Effective tools for parents to protect their children online

Effective cyber protection for the general public

At cyan we know how dangerous the digital world has become: our algorithms identify ten million actual threats every day. These threats can make defenceless citizens victims. Every second Internet user has already experienced at least one cyberattack. 

With a tailor-made security package based on our “OnNet Security” and “Endpoint Security” solutions, you can protect your population and government institutions from experiencing cyberattacks. And you can also prevent them from accessing illegal online content such as illegal gambling or child pornography. Our systems can effectively warn customers away from these sites. Instead of the requested content, users receive a warning on their screen - and they can then decide for themselves whether they still want access to a website.

Millions of people around the world are already protected by our cybersecurity solutions. One of the secrets to our success is ease of use. Even without prior technical knowledge, you are well protected. Warnings are written in easy-to-understand language, and the usability was deliberately designed to be intuitive.

The reliable protection that “OnNet Security” offers for data connections can be extended into the real world. Depending on which approach you want to take, we can offer valuable tools based on our differentiated technology, such as “Child Protection” which supports the goal of educating children about responsible media consumption. This protects children from inappropriate and dangerous online content and helps parents to accompany children with their first steps on the Internet.

To build and operate these services, we do not need access to or insight into the data of your citizens or institutions. You can be absolutely certain that we will not compromise privacy in any way. Our powerful algorithms do not record information or store data. We help citizens to recognize dangers online and thus prevent fraud and harmful content from reaching them.

Our “White Label” products for governments

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