Betting companies

With our flexible, innovative technology for more cybersecurity, you can protect your customers against fraud, malware and illegal gaming offerings, thereby demonstrating your sense of corporate responsibility.

Differentiate yourself from illegal offers and show responsibility towards your customers

Reputable providers in the gaming and betting industry attach great importance to customer protection. Unlike fraudulent sites and illegal offers, they take responsibility for their customers. Our cybersecurity solutions are an important tool for this. They protect your customers on every device from dangerous websites and apps. Your customers don't have to install any software, they simply continue using their existing app. The roll-out is just as easy for you: we adapt our technology to your needs and your own corporate design and integrate the solution into your infrastructure.

  • Easy implementation into your infrastructure with an SDK (software development kit)
  • “White Label” branding in your own corporate design 
  • Data protection guaranteed – no insight into customer data or transactions
  • Efficient, high-performance security products that do not require the end customer to download anything
  • Internationally audited and certified by major mobile operators and banks

Anonymized customer protection with minimal effort

We do not need to know who your customers are or what they do on your websites and apps to effectively protect them from a variety of cyberthreats. We do not need any insight into your customer data or the transactions between you and your customers. All we need to provide you with a turnkey security solution for your apps and web offerings is an analysis of your goals in conversation with you. Once we've customized the features and design, you'll get an SDK (Software Developer Kit) that will allow you to integrate the security package into your infrastructure and provide this extra service to your customers with minimal effort.

Our security solutions protect all mobile devices, whether mobile phones or tablets, regardless of whether they are connected to the Internet via a mobile network or through WIFI. While your customers enjoy your offerings, our algorithms constantly run in the background, filtering out phishing links and other dangerous content. Every day, our systems evaluate billions of pieces of data, discovering ten million real threats without recording information or storing customer data.

The anonymity of our security solutions is also a big advantage when it comes to protecting players from illegal betting providers and fraudulent software. Our mechanisms can also be set to limit your offer to gamblers - an important CSR feature.

Our “White Label” products for gaming and betting companies

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