When it comes to IT security, most banks are pioneers. The weak point is often the customer: due to user mistakes or poorly secured devices and data connections, they provide a target for cybercriminals.

Protect your customers even better against fraud, phishing and identity theft

Around fifty percent of all Internet users have already fallen victim to a cybercrime. The reasons are varied. Very often it is the careless handling of personal data or unknowingly downloading malware. With our technologically leading-edge security solutions, you can feel safe where your IT security team itself has no control: on the customer’s side. Our network-integrated products reliably fend off all common cyberthreats.

  • Uncomplicated implementation into the bank’s infrastructure
  • “White Label” branding in your own corporate design
  • Easy roll-out to end customers without additional downloads
  • Relevant, premium service for your company
  • The highest possible protection against all cyberthreats 

Prevention is better than damage control

Our different products are based on a globally unique technology consisting of 23 complex algorithms and several patents that can filter and analyse data according to a wide variety of criteria. Every day our systems evaluate billions of data items. This creates a solid, always up-to-date basis for identifying dangers and reliably calculating risks. 

It is precisely these outstanding features that we use in our “Endpoint Security”, for example, which extends a bank's protection radius and secures your customers' devices.

All our products can be easily integrated into an existing infrastructure. We do not need access to your data. Privacy is absolutely guaranteed because the sovereignty of your data remains with you - as well as your sovereignty over your customer relationships. As a B2B2C company, we always remain in the background. Wherever the end customer gets into contact with the product, they see an easy-to-use user interface in your corporate design.

All our security solutions can be easily integrated into existing apps. For example, you can make your online banking or the registration process even more secure. As an alternative to integration into an existing app, you can also launch a “stand-alone” app for cybersecurity under your own brand. With our flexible business model, it's up to you to decide whether you want to charge a fee for the extra security or make the premium service available to your customers free of charge.

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