Seamless BSS/OSS Platform

With the modular “Lightweight Convergent BSS/OSS Platform”, you, as a mobile virtual network operator, can be up and running in no time - without any compromises, and with maximum convenience for you and your customers.

Innovative MVNO Startups​

We support greenfield MVNOs in their go-to-market activities with proven end-to-end and out-of-the-box solution. Our vast experience and proven solutions to tackle requirements in combination with our commercial models make us a flexible partner for your business.​ Unlike basic reselling options available from MNOs, cyan MVNO solutions provide ultimate flexibility and independence by creating agile ecosystems for the virtual operators.

MVNE, MVNO & B-Brands ​

Successful MVNOs or digital B-Brands require best-in-class BSS/OSS solutions providing agility and speed to market. Leaving behind the traditional disadvantages of heavyweight legacy BSS, cyan Seamless BSS/OSS was developed from day one focusing on streamlined functionality and lean operations. Our customer base is made up of a series of MVNOs and B-Brands across the globe, serving different market sizes from ten thousand to several millions of subscribers.

Our Seamless Platform effortlessly adapts to your needs – and to those of your customers

  • One-Stop-Shop: Know-how and well-known innovative technology from a single source, no dependence on multiple suppliers
  • “Out of the Box” configurations: your own mobile brand in the shortest possible time, without burdening your own resources
  • Innovative and creative: superior technology with optional extras such as “Family Service”, “Application Based Charging”, and “Consumer Defined Plans”
  • High scalability: Cloud-based, digital technology that meets your specific needs
  • Open platform: connectable to other eco-systems through open API 
  • Minimal operational effort and “best in class” customer service with interactive Omni-channel communication

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Do you have any questions?

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