Personal Protection & Authentication

Our risk-module for “Personal Protection & Authentication” analyses your customers’ usage behaviour and ensures that their login always adapts to dangerous situations.

We bring maximum security to your customer relationships

Cyber criminals are inventive when it comes to cracking other people’s accounts. To counteract these dangers, we offer you an efficient “Personal Protection & Authentication” solution, a security module that will help you implement the EU PSD2 directive. Using patented algorithms, this risk-module analyses your customers’ usage behaviour, in the background, and calculates their individual risk level. Based on this analysis, the login process can be tightened up in order to determine the identity of the customer beyond any doubt. An additional plus: the aggregated data provides valuable information for your “Business Intelligence” model.  

We support your risk management with patented algorithms

  • Legal certainty: relevant contribution to the implementation of the EU PSD2 directive with enhanced end-user protection
  • Simple set-up: resource-saving integration into your existing infrastructure and your customers’ apps
  • High reliability: patented algorithms for maximum security during the login process
  • Data privacy: cyan has absolutely no insights into your data or transactions
  • Optimal usability: situational authentication process that produces an uncompromisingly good user experience

Industries that can benefit from cyan’s “Personal Protection & Authentication”

This is how the tightrope walk between security and usability succeeds

With a multi-level authentication process, you can reduce the many threats out there to a minimum. But this can create a new danger: annoying your customers who find a complicated login process harassing, without seeing the meaning behind it. Stay ahead of the competition and use cyan’s risk-module to offer your customers a login process that reliably adapts to risk situations. Additionally, the module also collects valuable information for your “Business Intelligence” model.

Your systems and networks might be so secure that it even frustrates your efforts at work: you may not be able to use common cloud solutions, for example, or you may have problems sending attachments. Your customers and their devices, however, are rarely so well shielded from cyberthreats. And even if they have already been the victim of a cyberattack, such as a phishing attack or identity theft, they often don’t notice it in time.

Reliable risk assessment for optimized login processes

By integrating cyan’s “Personal Protection & Authentication” solution into your banking app, you protect yourself and your customers from unauthorized logins while avoiding an unnecessarily complex login process that can upset your customers. The lightning-fast analysis of user behaviour allows for a reliable risk assessment, which in turn determines the complexity of the login process.

Our Personal Protection & Authentication solution can easily build on your login process. In cooperation with our many partners we can offer you a custom-made authentication process.

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Many insurance companies have not yet taken advantage of all the possibilities that apps offer, and still shape their customer relationships traditionally. More and more companies, however, are focused on innovation and on offering their customers apps that enable them to manage insurance and premiums by touch. And what applies to online banking also applies here: you must be sure that your customer is really at the other end of the connection.

We design your login process without compromises: you can rely on its security and its user-friendliness. Our “Personal Protection & Authentication” module is a powerful analysis tool that uses real-time data to calculate your customer's current risk level and adjust the login process accordingly. The data collected across the entire customer base is transmitted to you via an encrypted interface so that you receive an overall picture for risk assessment, allowing you to plan and calculate your cyber and mobile phone insurance more precisely.

We make it easy for you

The risk-module does a lot and saves your resources at the same time

At cyan we believe that software must not only be effective and deliver real value, to be truly successful it must also provide a perfect user experience. As a B2B2C company, we not only consider the needs of our end customers. We also attach great importance to the fact that the solutions we provide our partners with are as effective as possible without significant expense.

We would be happy to take the time to present you with the features of our “Personal Protection & Authentication”, in a non-binding conversation, and to discuss the challenges you face and how we can address them. As a preview, here is a small excerpt:

Only those who know their customers can really assess their risk. In keeping with this motto, our risk-module collects background information about the usage behaviour of your customers. In this way, risk can be assessed individually in actual time. This allows you to tailor the security level for logins to actual risks, while meeting the requirements of the EU PSD2 directive, which aims to protect consumers against online fraud.

In the "Behavior Analysis", the cyan risk-module collects information about usage behaviour and localizes the device, in addition to information about the type of device and its operating system. 

GPS data and IP information alone can be used to draw conclusions about a possible risk, as this example shows: for a bank that operates exclusively in the South American market, customers who use the banking app from another country represent a higher risk than customers from their home market. GPS data and IP localization also allow conclusions to be drawn about plausibility. If, for example, a customer logs-in in Thailand to make an online payment and then repeats this process only a few hours later in South America, this is physically impossible. The risk-module therefore raises the risk level and requires the customer to identify with biometric data instead of a simpler authentication via “Possession Factors” or “Knowledge Factors”. By increasing the level of security for the customer, fraud and cyberattacks can be detected and avoided.

The risk-module can do more than provide individual risk calculations for Personal Protection & Authentication. In summary, the analysed data also provides a solid picture of the threats across your entire customer base. This allows you to determine, for example, whether a certain type of device is being targeted by cyber criminals or whether a conspicuous number of threats are coming from a certain area.

The powerful risk-module is packaged in an SDK (Software Development Kit) that easily integrates into your infrastructure and existing apps. The next time the banking or insurance app is updated, your customer will receive cyan's “Personal Protection & Authentication” solution as part of their security measures on their mobile phone or tablet. It is immediately ready for use and supports your risk management, helping you to comply with EU directives, such as PSD2, and national regulations.

Cyan's “Personal Protection & Authentication” solution can be integrated into any infrastructure and easily adapted to your specific requirements. As a bank or other company with an increased need for protection, you can decide which elements from our portfolio are best suited to protect your customers and to comply with guidelines in accordance with the law. 

Ideally, you could offer your customers even more security for their devices, whether a mobile phone or tablet. “Endpoint Security" uses patented cyan technology to defend against everyday cyberthreats, such as malware and Trojans, and can be rolled out just as easily as the "Personal Protection & Authentication" solution.

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Do you have any questions?

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