OnNet Security

Our network security solution “OnNet Security” reliably protects your customers' data connections from cyberattacks and at the same time enriches your brand's product portfolio with an attractive and rewarding additional offer.

We offer “Best in Class” security and guaranteed added value for you and your customers

Your customers' data lines are exposed to a variety of cyber threats every day. “OnNet Security”, cyan's network-integrated security solution, successfully fights against phishing attacks, viruses, malware, Trojans, and other Internet threats even before they reach the customer through their mobile connection. We offer a network-integrated, “white label” solution for a cybersecurity package that gives you complete control over your branding, customer relationships and data, while taking advantage of our flexible B2B2C business model.

All you have to do: Help your customers to develop an awareness for cybersecurity and to activate this “Value Added Service”. We'll do the rest.

We act as your loyal, cybersecurity partner in the background

  • B2B2C business model: full control over your customer relationships and customer data 
  • White Label: superior cybersecurity as a value-added service under your brand
  • Easy Roll-out: can be integrated into an existing infrastructure, without risk and with cyan’s extensive know-how
  • “One Click Solution”: independent of terminal, operating system and platform used 
  • Mass-Market proven: a solution without a software download and with ultra-easy usability for your customers
  • High Profitability: regular revenues and a high level of market penetration due to its relevance and acceptance by customers

Industries for which cyan’s “OnNet Security” provides a two-fold benefit

The best protection for your customers, great profit opportunities for your company

The Internet opens up ever changing digital worlds. Worlds that also know evil. Data lines are vulnerable to all sorts of viruses, malware, Trojans, and privacy attacks. Do not expose your customers to such risks. Protect them effectively.

Walk the better path and benefit twice: With our “OnNet Security” as a “Value Added Service”, you protect your customers and at the same time generate regular income. Due to the flexible B2B2C business model, you do not take any risks during installation and operation. “OnNet Security” by cyan can be easily and effortlessly integrated into your existing communication network, including your billing system. Designed as a "white label" product, we completely adapt the product to your corporate design. 

In your shops and on your website, the product can be offered as a “One Click” option. The end customer does not have to install any software on his device. The service works like a virtual network firewall and is active for the customer once they are registered. The prices can be determined according to local standards, the proceeds are shared according to a revenue-share model. 

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We make it easy for you

Your customers simply need security

As a mobile operator, you probably don’t need any description of the threatening levels of disastrous cyber-attacks and their frequency. But your customers are (almost always) unaware. They want to be able to use their end devices carefree, with nothing to worry about. Nothing could be easier! We offer you a highly effective protection for each of your customers.

Easy to integrate, easy to use

Not only for your company, but also for your customers, “OnNet Security”: the “Network Security” solution by cyan, is a completely uncomplicated solution. We have compiled some arguments for you that simply show you how it couldn’t be easier.

In your shop or on your online platform, you can offer “OnNet Security” by cyan as a convincing additional package. We do everything in advance, from the design of the front-end in your corporate design to the adaptation of the software. All you have to do is arrange the integration of the “OnNet Security” solution in-house.

The customer - or the seller - activates the security package at the click of a button. By integrating with your communication infrastructure, the package is activated immediately, added to the contract, and simply billed via the mobile billing process or usual billing process.

We understand “OnNet Security” as a security solution for everyone, because it is ideal for all target groups and all operating systems. Even people who are not familiar with the digital world can easily use the protection of "OnNet Security”. After the activation click - or the activation by the seller in the shop - cyber criminals have no chance. Even so-called “advanced users” appreciate our solution because it inspires the technology behind it. The product is then integrated into the SIM card and blocks any harmful data before it even reaches the end device.

Our solution responds to the threats in real-time: every time an attack is launched, your customer receives a notification that is immediately recognizable and warns them of a potential threat in real time. This is done without cyan or the network provider having to store data on the customer's surfing behaviour. Privacy is not compromised in any way; the security of your customer data is absolutely unaffected by “OnNet Security”.

Interested users can access statistics about attacks and manage their settings via an easy-to-understand interface built into the “Customer Care” section of your website. On request, your customers can retrieve monthly statistics or receive alerts about current phishing campaigns.

Registration is just as unnecessary as a download. The billing is easily handled by the established billing system.

“OnNet Security” watches over the data lines and does not even allow an infected page to be loaded. As your trusted security partner, we ensure that the system is always one step ahead of current threats. That's another reason why you do not have to worry about it: the tightly-repeated update cycles run permanently in the background without recording any information. “OnNet Security” responds to threats in real time and immediately alerts customers without us or the network operator having to store usage data or customer information.

Because cyan's “OnNet Security” is an integrated solution to your infrastructure, no third parties are involved. All your customers' data remains confidential and nobody else has access to it. We do not either. 

Our business model provides access to valuable partnerships. We do not put our products on display, but consistently design them according to the corporate identity of our partner. We see ourselves as an enabler for our partner, who can then position himself with their customers as a safety-conscious and responsible partner. Therefore, unlike other security providers, we will never compete with your company. On the contrary: With this reliable and innovative "Value Added Service", which effectively counteracts actual dangers, you strengthen the bond with your end customers.

For the integration of the security product based on cyan’s “OnNet Security”, no costly investment to your network is necessary. On the contrary, with our claim “Utilize your network,” you can use your existing infrastructure even better to launch a relevant product that generates additional, regular revenue.

In our globalized, digital world, cyber threats are the same everywhere. The price of security, however, is not. We have therefore made our pricing flexible and adaptable to your customers, so that everyone can afford “Security made in Europe”.

When the product provided by cyan is successful, we will be successful too. That's why we like to support you with our know-how and proven Go2Market strategies. Use our best practice examples to learn how to gain new customers with “OnNet Security” and how to convince existing customers of the product. We accompany you before and after the launch and use our experience for ongoing campaign advice.

Once cyan's “OnNet Security” is integrated into your communication infrastructure, you can easily run test campaigns. For example, you can offer all customers a “try and buy” action over a specified period of time. Your customers could use the “OnNet Security” solution for the first three months for free and try it out without any risk. If  the additional security does not convince them, they can terminate the contract in accordance with the terms and conditions.

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