Endpoint Security

Our "Endpoint Security" solution effectively protects your customers' devices from identity theft, viruses, malware, and malicious apps. At the same time, you can expand your portfolio with an attractive offer that generates revenue for your company and strengthens customer confidence in your brand.

We protect your customers' end devices for you

Whether as a mobile operator, a bank, or an insurance company: you invest a lot in the protection of your IT infrastructure. However, you have no control over the end devices of your customers. With cyan's "Endpoint Security" solution, you can ensure security, score points with an innovative premium product, and tap into new sources of revenue. We offer an award-winning antivirus engine that integrates easily into your infrastructure as a B2B2C solution and is fully customized to your corporate design and the specific needs of your industry. 

As our partner, you strengthen your customer relationships with an easily activated "Value Added Service".

We provide the know-how and technology. They shine with a relevant, premium product.

  • Integrated Security Solution: inexpensive investment; protection of your customer data; your customers have full control over their data 
  • Brand Strengthening: “White Label” solution under your brand name in your corporate design
  • “One Click Solution”: suitable for all customer groups with simple activation
  • Greatest Possible Protection: an award-winning Antivirus Engine with live phishing and fraud detection
  • Two-fold Benefit: greater trust from your customers through an effective solution; risk-free revenue through revenue sharing or licensing 

Industries for which cyan’s “Endpoint Security” provides a two-fold benefit

How to use cyan to create win-win situations for your company

Every second Internet user has been the victim of a phishing attack or identity theft. If you can succeed in strengthening your customers’ awareness of cyber-security, we will provide you with the appropriate premium product for a truly meaningful “Value Added Service” that perfectly fits your industry and brand. 

With cyan’s “OnNet Security”, you can offer your customers a valuable, premium add-on product and thus provide even more mobile wireless security. While “OnNet Security” protects your customers’ data connections, cyan “Endpoint Security” also protects your devices from the many cyber-threats out there, such as downloading suspicious apps or inadvertently downloading viruses.

Ideal upselling product for even more security

As with “OnNet Security”, “Endpoint Security” can be integrated into your infrastructure, adapted to your corporate identity and become a premium value-added service in your product portfolio. Both products have the same look and feel, guaranteeing your customers a seamless user experience.

In addition to the easy to activate offer in your shops and on your website, the premium product is ideal for upselling: as soon as a customer is protected by "OnNet Security", they receive a pop-up for the activation of "Endpoint Security", which offers them one of the most comprehensive protection products on the market. This all serves one purpose: to show your customers that their safety is of great importance to you, and to turn a profit at the same time.

We will gladly show you how you can combine these two products to your advantage.

Money is a sensitive topic. Therefore, security is a top priority when it comes to online banking. This is obvious to bank IT managers, but the situation is quite different for most customers. Many users are unaware of cyber threats from downloaded apps, or work with cloud solutions without any risk management. And once their identity has been stolen, it is often too late. 

Create awareness of cybersecurity and benefit twice over 

Prevention is key. With cyan’s “Endpoint Security”, viruses, malicious apps, phishing attacks, and identity thieves have no chance. We help your customers identify dangers on the Internet so they can enjoy the comfort and ease of the virtual world without having to worry about their own safety. 

Integrated into one of your existing apps or as a standalone product, you provide your customers with the greatest possible protection, not only for online banking but also for other online activities. Activated with one click, “Endpoint Security” can be downloaded under your brand with the next update of the bank app or when downloading the standalone app on your customer’s device and works after a few easy steps.

Strengthening trust and earning money while doing it

Developed and maintained by cyan, “Endpoint Security” will be integrated into your infrastructure. As a “white label” product adapted to your corporate identity, your customer receives the service from you as their trusted bank. Billing also runs through your systems and is handled monthly or annually. We do not require any insight into your data. We value privacy as well as the exclusivity of your customer relationships.

Get in touch with us now and find out which solutions we have ready for the modern banking world!

The more aware users are to cyber threats, the more attractive the topic becomes for insurance companies. But even users who are conscious of these dangers and have signed up for a mobile phone or cyber insurance policy cannot know every danger that lurks on the world wide web. 

Attractive product combinations for mobile phone or cyber insurance

Protect your customers from such situations and offer them a digital and scalable premium security product based on cyan's “Endpoint Security” solution. Whether as a supplement to your existing app or as a stand-alone app, it’s your decision. We also leave the pricing up to you with our flexible, locally customizable business model. You can provide the app for free to your customers to minimize your insurance risk, offer it as a “value added service” based on a “revenue share” or license model, or incorporate it into a bonus system. In all cases, the app helps your customers to identify and protect themselves against the dangers on the Internet.

Our goal: a fair partnership

We at cyan always stay in the background as a B2B2C service provider. We focus on the ongoing development of our high-end security products and their adaptation to your needs and your corporate identity. We integrate “Endpoint Security” as your product into your infrastructure, but never look into your systems, data and transactions. Your relationship with your customers remains exclusive - and earns you even more trust as a result of the increased security.

Contact us now without any obligations and find out how cyan can support you with concrete solutions!

We make it easy for you

Our Conviction: every customer has the right to safety!

Most people have a very personal relationship with their mobile phone: and they reveal a lot about themselves when using apps for a variety of purposes - from communication, entertainment and information, to health and mobility, to finance. The most personal data and information are therefore stored on their device - for data thieves this is a big lure. Your customers are usually unaware of the danger. And they do not have to be aware of these dangers provided they have a premium security package based on cyan's “Endpoint Security” installed - as easy as an app update. If you want to offer your customers a protected digital life, we can take care of everything so that you can concentrate on customer relations.

Cybersecurity with unbeatable features

Cyan’s “Endpoint Security” is your personal cybersecurity companion. Based on this award-winning technology, highly effective security packages can be created that do not  put themselves in the foreground. A few of the main advantages of our product are the easy integration into the existing infrastructure of your company and the ease of use for your customers. Furthermore, the security of your customers and their data is still our number one priority.

With “Endpoint Security” you get a ‘Top-up’ protection and achieve the whole brand experience for your customers. You can offer a true premium product for cyber security: “OnNet Security Plus”. In addition to our security benefits, we offer a successful upselling path. You can build on an existing customer base and also address new customers with a comprehensive security package. And as with all our products, we take the economic risk with our “revenue share” model. In other words, no investment is needed from your side. As soon as revenue flows, the “revenue share” model picks up.

Security today is a permanent companion and the importance of cybersecurity is increasingly entering people's consciousness. However, most Internet users lack the knowledge to protect themselves from network threats. We can help you offer them the highest possible security with a premium product. Based on cyan's “Endpoint Security”, you provide your customers with additional, highly effective protection that requires no prior knowledge or involvement.

We take care of everything and integrate the solution with your corporate identity into your infrastructure. As far as the business model is concerned, this decision remains with you. Based on a license agreement, you can make your security package available to your customers free of charge as a strong marketing tool and, incidentally, provide even more security for your online business. You can also offer “Endpoint Security” as an attractive, value-added service based on a “revenue share” model that brings you additional revenue.

As a B2B2C company specializing in “white label” security solutions, we stay in the background. This applies to your brand appearance and communication with customers, as well as access to data.

The premium product “Endpoint Security” can be easily integrated into your existing apps so your customer is protected as soon as possible after the next update. But even as a stand-alone app, the product does not compromise the user experience. We create a very intuitive design for all interfaces according to your corporate design. Your customer does not have to actively use the app. All surfaces are comprehensible at a glance, the texts are easily understandable, and we also consider frequently overlooked aspects. Thus, our “Endpoint Security” solution consumes very little energy and protects battery life.

In addition to adapting the “Endpoint Security” solution to your corporate design and your brand, we naturally adapt the premium product to local needs, including language and price. Even though cyber-threats lurk everywhere, not everyone can afford high-end protection solutions. At cyan, we think that everyone should be offered affordable cybersecurity services. That's why we base our “revenue share” business model on your brand’s price range.

“Endpoint Security” is about tangible protection. But it's also about communication and a concern for security that you want to convey to your customers. We know that these communication needs may vary from industry to industry. That's why we offer our “Endpoint Security” solution with the option of customization to suit your specific demands. , You can therefore offer a premium class cybersecurity product, under your own brand, that exactly matches your customers’ needs.

In the “Security Cockpit” your customer can see, in real time, what cyber threats their mobile phone has been exposed to. Your customer can change their settings via the “Remote Portal”, which is integrated into the “Customer Care” section of your website on both, desktop and mobile devices.

A vast majority of customers have a very vague idea about the data track they leave behind daily. One of the “Endpoint Security” features checks email addresses in the background and reports if emails or data have been lost or have been exposed due to data leaks. Your customer is notified and receives appropriate instructions (for example changing their password), in easy-to-read language, on their screen.

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