Clean Pipe DNS

Our "Clean Pipe DNS" solution identifies dangerous content and blocks illegal information to capture user behavior - directly within the network. In this way, mobile operators can offer their customers a secure and efficient mobile network that offers improved privacy and a faster Internet surfing experience.

We offer you solutions to differentiate yourself in the market, to increase the loyalty of your customers and to save data volume at the same time.

A considerable proportion of web content consists of harmful or even illegal content. This unwanted portion of the data traffic burdens the mobile network month after month and can quickly result in several terabytes per month on a customer basis.

This avoidable data traffic not only unnecessarily burdens the business case of MVNOs and/or the network planning of MNOs, it also represents a security risk for the end customer and endangers his privacy.

With our unique, network-side implemented "Clean Pipe DNS" solution, you benefit from an innovative solution for data traffic control. You implicitly insert a safety net into your data line: illegal data such as phishing, malware and viruses can be filtered, as can trackers from social or advertising networks, which make the surfing behavior of customers traceable.

The filtering of unwanted content in the network is done transparently in the background for the end customer, the safety net achieved has a positive effect on the usability - websites are loaded faster, advertising aimed at tracking the customer's surfing behavior is reduced.

Increased usability when surfing the Internet and a mobile network cleansed of unsafe content and user monitoring

  • No mobile app required: the solution is implemented within the network and can be immediately activated for the entire customer base without customer interaction
  • EBITDA effect: the data streams blocked by increased security contribute to the refinancing of the solution and free up network capacity
  • Enhanced privacy protection: eliminates illegal trackers that monitor user behavior while surfing the Internet
  • Better surfing behavior on the Internet: Reduced download volumes protect the capacities of mobile end devices and speed up website loading
  • Simple and fast roll-out of the solution: due to minimal integration effort into the network of the mobile network operator

Perfect feature for mobile operators and Internet service providers

Save on data traffic and offer a unique additional service at the same time

With cyan's "Clean Pipe DNS" solution, Internet service providers - MNO, MVNO and also fixed network providers - can offer an additional service that only OTT players have been able to offer so far: On the basis of our patented filtering system, we have developed a product that can make a decisive contribution to the success of your business model.

The solution is implemented within the network and can therefore be activated immediately for the entire customer base. The activation is transparent for the customer, i.e. the customer does not have to install a mobile app or make any changes to the operating system. In contrast to solutions from other OTT players, the cyan "Clean Pipe DNS" solution works independently of the end device, operating system or mobile browser used. The "Clean Pipe DNS" product filters data that your customer does not need and often does not want for an optimal user experience. The many kilobytes saved in this way add up to considerable amounts of data, which have a positive effect on the service margin and network capacity planning.

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