Clean Pipe DNS

Our “Clean Pipe DNS” solution identifies and filters illegal content directly on the mobile network. This saves noticeable traffic and costs. Enhanced by special components, you can also offer your customers a valuable privacy product.

We protect your data connections while saving you money at the same time

Numerous requests deliver harmful or even illegal information that can make up many terabytes of information via the customer's base - traffic that an MVNO usually has to pay its provider (MNO) for. This also affects MNOs that have to buy additional traffic in “national roaming networks”. With our unique, network-integrated “Clean Pipe DNS” solution, you can save on these costs while adding a safety net to your data lines: Illegal data such as phishing, malware and viruses can be filtered out, as well as pop-ups or unwanted advertisements.

For your customers, the user experience does not change, it only gets better through faster performance. If you want to achieve even more potential savings, you can use more filters. For example: by filtering out advertising. Depending on the websites they visit, your customers will notice this difference - and many will thank you for it since they will have more of their data credit available for desired content. This allows them to consume more data for themselves and also enjoy a higher level of privacy on the Internet.

We help you, as a mobile operator, to noticeably reduce traffic costs

  • Significant cost savings: exploit savings potential by avoiding illegal traffic
  • Higher level of security: data delivered to end devices “cleanly”
  • Better Performance: faster performance for the customer due to leaner data streams
  • Two-stage roll-out possible: without provisioning for the entire customer base or as an additional privacy package for end customers
  • No download for end customers: integrated into your infrastructure

Perfect feature for mobile operators and Internet service providers

Save on traffic and offer a unique additional service at the same time

With cyan's "Clean Pipe DNS", Internet Service Providers - MNOs, MVNOs, and fixed-line providers - can offer an additional service previously available only to OTT players: Based on our patented filtering system, we have developed a product that can decisively contribute to the success of your business model. Seamlessly integrated within your BSS/OSS platform, the “Clean Pipe DNS”  filters out data that your customer does not need and often does not want, to create an optimal user experience. Many kilobytes are saved in this way, adding up to considerable amounts of data that you would otherwise have to pay to your provider. At the same time, the feature protects your customers from Internet threats such as phishing attacks or malicious software.

Our unrivalled “Clean Pipe DNS” is perfectly matched to the BSS/OSS platform of our subsidiary I-New. However, it can also be easily implemented in any other MNO or MVNO platform without much effort needed.

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Do you have any questions?

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