Child Protection

Our “Child Protection” solution protects children while surfing and using apps on mobile devices. Parents are given the opportunity to accompany their children while using the internet. And you add an incredibly useful premium product to your portfolio.

We provide you with a complete, “White Label” solution for the reliable protection of children in the virtual world

A lifelike first-person shooter game or porn is just a click away on any phone. This allows children to see content that is not intended for their eyes. What's more, the games that kids love to play lead to in-app purchases, which can end up being very expensive. And of course, children’s phones are just as exposed to cyberthreats as any other phone. With cyan's “Child Protection” solution, we offer you the greatest possible protection against malware and, at the same time, many features that introduce children to reasonable media consumption in an age-appropriate manner. Integrated into your infrastructure and adapted to your corporate design, “Child Protection” becomes a product in your portfolio that you can offer as a service for premium customers or as a value-added service. Get in touch with us to find out more. 

As your B2B2C partner, we support you in showing responsibility towards your most vulnerable target group

  • “White Label” solution: completely adapted to your corporate design and integrated into your infrastructure, “Child Protection” becomes your product.
  • Easy roll-out: a premium-app can be added to your portfolio as an additional package 
  • Flexible business model: available with a license agreement or with our “Revenue Share” model with locally adjusted rates 
  • Scientifically proven: patented technology and age-appropriate pre-settings developed in cooperation with many media psychologists
  • Parent friendly: easily controllable via a “remote web interface” and management app for iOS and Android
  • Legal certainty as an opportunity: an attractive product in accordance with the legal requirements of MNOs and MNVOs 

Industries for which cyan’s “Child Protection” provides a two-fold benefit

A premium product that makes responsible parents happy

Few parents would deny that there are many advantages to having a mobile phone for their child. Many think that the accessibility they provide is important enough. But the vast majority also worry about the dangers that a mobile phone brings with it. So that parents can fulfil their responsibilities for their children when it comes to online communication, technological solutions are also expected from you.

In some countries, especially in Asia, legislators have left MNOs and MVNOs no choice: they are obligated to “child protection”. However, it also makes sense to offer a child protection product in all other markets – either as an additional service for premium customers with higher rates, or as a “value-added service” in your product portfolio, which will bring you a regular stream of income. 

Regardless of the business model, it contributes positively to customer loyalty if you can offer your customers the greatest possible child protection under your brand. And this premium product is the right answer to the challenges that most parents face every day.

Child-safe and easy to use

With cyan as your B2B2C partner, the path to a well thought-out product is very short: We integrate “Child Protection” into your infrastructure and adapt it to your corporate design. Sales – as well as your customer relationships and your customer data – remain entirely in your hands. You can offer your “Child Protection” premium product through your webshop or sales outlets. Installation is also child’s play for your customers: once activated, all they have to do is download the app. 

As a financial service provider, your core business is to give customers a legitimate sense of security. Cyberthreats are a part of everyday life andchildren are particularly vulnerable.

We make it easy for you

Many useful features to protect children

The importance of protecting children from the dangers of the digital world does not need to be explained to most parents. You can therefore expect that customer interest in a truly effective "child protection" product is great. With us as your B2B2C partner in the background, it is very easy to bring such a premium product to market - and to demonstrate a sense of responsibility.

With our “Child Protection” we provide a solution that can do more than manage restrictions. Our solution promotes communication and interaction between parents and children. For example, children can use the app to ask their parents for permission to access blocked pages. Parents can then decide whether or not they want to release the content of a category that has been blocked. Through the parents’ assessment, we ensure age-appropriate and development-oriented access to children's Internet consumption. In addition to protecting against cybercrime, it also helps parents know where their child is at all times, both physically and virtually.

Parents have access to a dashboard that informs them about their children's mobile activities while respecting the privacy of the children as best they can. For example, parents can see how long their children have been using a messaging service, but not read the content of the messages. They can also see how long their children have used which apps and websites.

Like our other security products, cyan's “Child Protection” is based on patented filtering technology. When it comes to the safety of children, these filters are also used to filter out inappropriate content and to prevent childish misuse as far as possible. But of course, our “Child Protection” solution, as well as our “Endpoint Security” solution, also offers the highest level of protection against malware, identity theft and malicious apps.

Parents can be put to the test if they do not know where their children are and if they cannot reach them by phone. However, parents can use the interface to locate their children at any time, even when the phone is switched off.

Settings can be managed via a web interface and a parent app. This allows parents to determine what restrictions they want to set on their children when surfing, and to exclude entire categories of websites and apps. They can also set time slots in which the child is not allowed to be online.

Because many parents are overwhelmed with these decisions, we have developed age-appropriate basic attitudes developed in cooperation with media psychologists that are active by default. Parents can of course change these basic settings. Individual exceptions to the rule are possible.

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