Our Vision: Seamless Security for your customers

Our vision is to provide Seamless Security to your customers. That’s why we offer IT security solutions that are easily accessible to both beginners and digital natives because of their simplicity and functionality.

cyan works 24/7 to ensure the security of millions of Internet users around the world. Our solutions operate with more than 25 specialized methods of systematic data analysis that are updated worldwide every 4 hours.

All our employees are committed to cyan’s mission: to provide digital security worldwide. This is more than just a job to us. It is a task into which we put all our energy, knowledge and experience. And we know that achieving this goal requires more than innovative technologies, powerful data centres, and competitive products. With our security solutions, we must reach people who use the Internet every day - at home, on their way to work, and in their leisure time.

International patents meet intuitive usability

cyan holds international patents for its innovative analytic methodology, which runs and verifies websites and apps in a sandbox. With our specialized mechanism, we provide tailor protection of end-users with the lowest possible impact on user experience.

The basis of our success

  • Propriety patended algorithms - Thousands of man-hours to improve Artificial Intelligence contribution
  • Big-Data driven processes - Analysis of +1,000 bn data requests and meta data monthly
  • Global live sourcing - Live analysis with web crawlers in more than 200 IT centers
  • Real life data - Based on anonymized customer surf patterns
  • Manual categorization by cyan - Our additional manual categorization enriches the synergy between AI and machine categorization

Intensive research on state-of-the-art ensures our leading edge

There is hardly a field that is developing as rapidly as digital communication. There are new technologies every day - and new cyberthreats. To stay one step ahead of cybercriminals, we operate our own research and development centre in Sopron, Hungary, and maintain close links with universities, international institutes and financial services experts. This gives us a decisive advantage over our competitors.

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