The current situation requires relevant security products

The impact of COVID-19 on the industry 

By now the global outbreak of COVID-19 is affecting each and every one of us. As a company we are doing our best to flatten the curve and enable our employees to work from home. As an IT security provider, we are obligated and required to protect our own employees as well as to ensure the internet security for the end customers of our partners.  

Being an agile company holds many advantages, at cyan we are able to send all employees to work from home to cope with the current situation and keep them and their families as safe as possible. Our employees are equipped with the necessary hardware to work remote and are; in general used to work from around the world. Furthermore, highly functional online security solutions are put in place to protect sensitive data on company computers at any time. This is not the case for many other firms. A lot of industries and businesses are hit by surprise and off guard by the current situation.  

Shift to home office & increased cybercrime 

The importance of remote work has drastically increased over the last couple of days and so has the need for digital security. Cyber criminals are now using the fear of people to benefit from the situation and exploit the weak digital security installations on many private networks and devices of end-users.  

How we help you and your customers to stay safe online

Despite the current situation we are fully functional and operate in all segments with the usual high quality. Now more than ever, the security of end-users is important, and all companies should be aware of the consequences they could suffer if they fail to set the right measures to provide a functional digital security structure for their customers. 

We provide safer internet for MNOs/ISPs, insurances, financial service providers as well as for a variety of retailers and make sure that the sensitive data of their customers is not exploited due to insecure networks. Our easily integratable endpoint solution are based on the technologically advantages which we acquire by our own research and development centres around the globe and the use of our patented methods for security solutions. Furthermore, our BSS/OSS platforms offer you great flexibility and can be easily adjusted to your needs and your customers’ requirements.  

We protect your customers with our Seamless Security solutions. Reach out to us – together we make sure that your end customers’ digital lives are safe, and a secure home office is ensured. 

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