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  • The current situation requires many people to switch their digitally secure workplace to their kitchens or living rooms, families access their home network much more frequently

  • A shift in attention on the topic of digital security for end-users has taken place

  • Big Data and AI based approaches help us to sustain our technological advantage and our high protection rate of 99%.

With almost 1 million infections worldwide, the Corona virus has turned into a global pandemic. To avoid it from doing more damage, many governments across the globe have urged their citizens to stay at home. People complied: At full speed, society adapted to a new lifestyle by home-schooling their children, working out through online classes and building themselves in the best possible home office setting they could find.

But after the first neces­sary steps, more fundamental ques­tions came up. One that is especially pressing is that of security. Many individuals are now working from home, possibly handling sensitive data. Families are accessing their home network much more frequently and individuals are almost constantly online with their smartphones. But how can it be ensured that all this is done in a secure IT environment?

Whatever we do, our focus is on securing the digital lives of end customers.

Peter ArnothCEO of cyan AG

Peter Arnoth has the answers: “Whatever we do, our focus is on securing the digital lives of end cus­tomers,” says Arnoth, who’s the CEO of cyan Digital Security, a company that describes itself as an “Enabler of Seamless Security”. Founded in 2006, cyan has almost 20 years of ex­perience when it comes to IT security. The company sees itself as an ideal partner for all households, busines­ses or personal users who feel they might need to increase their digital security.

Read the Forbes article with our Management Board: Michael Sieghart (CFO), Peter Arnoth (CEO), and Markus Cserna (CTO) and get the answer to the question above and discover the uniqueness of our solutions.

About cyan

cyan AG (XETR: CYR) is a leading, globally active provider of intelligent IT security solutions and telecom services with more than 15 years of experience in the IT industry. The main business areas of the company are cybersecurity solutions for end customers of mobile and fixed network internet service providers (MNO), virtual mobile network operators (MVNO) as well as banks and insurance companies. cyan’s solutions are integrated into the business partner’s infrastructure and then offered to their end customers („B2B2C“) under their name („whitelabeled“).

Today, the group of companies has more than 50 international customers, through which cyan products are sold to approximately 8 million end customers. cyan can offer products along the entire value chain from platform, data optimization to cyber security. In addition, cyan operates its own Research & Development Centre with the aim of identifying trends in the industry at an early stage and developing optimal product solutions. In December 2018, cyan was able to win a global group contract with Orange in an international tendering process. cyan’s cooperation partners include the world’s leading insurance broker Aon and the payment service provider Wirecard.

Photo Credit: Niko Havranek