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cyan is part of making the digital world more accessible for NGOs, schools and financially disadvantaged people.

In the Christmas spirits, cyan is now donating computers to the non-profit association “PCs for all”, an association that repairs old computers and gives them to local schools, NGOs and financially disadvantaged people. The association states that many people in Vienna are denied participation in the digital world and e-learning due to financial limitations. “PCs for all” is doing something about this by inviting companies and people to donate their old computers.


Donate instead of throwing away

The non-profit association accepts used PCs, laptops, monitors and accessories. These devices are refurbished by their team and then given to schools, charitable NGOs and financially disadvantaged people. In relation to this, people in need receive a fully functional device and can study for school, seek knowledge, keep in touch with their family and friends and stay informed.


“We are happy to give away our computers to a charity like this, and to be part of helping people access the digital world and everything that comes with it” – Frank Von Seth, CEO of cyan

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