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  • Security solutions improved for partners and end-users

  • A variety of functions offered on different platforms

  • Partners able to offer our solution under their own brand

With the new improvements to our product, users can obtain maximum safety on all devices in just a few seconds.

During last months, we have developed significant technologies and landed new partnerships and projects. One of our main successes during the year is our improvement of security solutions for partners and end-users, which we will highlight in this blogpost.



New improvements

We have improved our Endpoint Security product, which meets security needs of both businesses and individual subscribers. Our product makes it possible for users to surf safely on the Internet, across laptops, desktops, and mobile devices. It protects users from phishing and further damaging content and at the same time, it acts as a control client for content restrictions.


Already in 2021, we changed the technology behind our Endpoint Security product to be able to offer a variety of functions on all supported platforms, such as Google/Android and Apple/iOS. We made it possible for our partners to benefit from our services without having to build their own infrastructure. They can now offer our cybersecurity directly to their customers through their own app, under their own brand. We made this possible by our development of a new programming module, SDK, which we integrate into our partners apps to guarantee their customers digital safety and is connected to cyan’s global cloud infrastructure.


With the new improvements to our product, users can obtain maximum safety on all devices in just a few seconds.



Different categories of protection

Our Endpoint Security products offer constant security for all types of malicious content. If an end-user accesses an insecure page, our product immediately classifies it as malicious, and our two types of blocking pages will show up: phishing blockings for malicious emails and content blockings for specific categories like drugs, gambling, violence, or pornography.


The content categories can be either blacklisted or whitelisted by the user, except for the phishing category which is permanently blocked for a safe surfing experience. The end-user can easily change the setting of the categories via a switch and can set exceptions for specific pages. Currently blocked domains are displayed in form of an overview at the applications dashboard, together with a blocking history list and the total number of overwrites, which means how many times a user has overwritten a blocked page.



Main features

The end-users can manage our security product via the mobile application or the Web user interface (UI), the second with fewer functions available than in the app. Our app is built for individual usage and acts as an interface to all user-orientated security services. It offers an intro tour that introduces the user to its main features: Secure internet browsing, Antivirus, Identity-Check, and Website-Check. In the notification centre the actual protection status of the user is shown and if there is an issue, the end-user will be forwarded directly to the page where the problem can be solved.


Our main features are all available on our app’s dashboard. The Website-Check function allows the user to insert specific website links to check if they are safe before accessing them. The Identity-Check function enables users to test if an e-mail address and related accounts got leaked on the internet. The user can save email addresses which should be checked on regular bases and will be notified if a leak is found. Furthermore, our Identity-Check feature has its own database where we gather leaked data from different sources. If an email account is leaked, the check shows from which server the email address was leaked, which services got affected, and what kind of data was compromised, referring to passwords, usernames, addresses, etc.


In addition, we are planning to offer updated educational content as a feature on the dashboard. We aim to give our partners the possibility to educate their end-users concerning internet security. On a regular base, we update our content with current internet security topics and information on how to stay safe from cyber-attacks.